'Legends of Tomorrow': Could Nate Be Related to Kuasa?

On Legends of Tomorrow, Amaya's time on the team has always been limited by her need to get back to her own time in order to ensure that history plays out as it should -- specifically that Mari, the contemporary bearer of the Anansi Totem, existed.

However, as we've see play out, Amaya's (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) need to go home is complicated by matters of the heart. Over her time with the Legends, Amaya has developed a relationship with her teammate Nate Heywood/Steel (Nick Zano), and in the most recent episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "Amazing Grace", Amaya tells Nate that she loves him -- even if he can't quite hear her over the sound of Zambesi music. Knowing that Amaya truly loves Nate makes her eventual return to 1942 even more heartbreaking if she has to marry someone else back home. However, if a fan theory is right, Amaya's eventual return to 1942 might not be so painful after all.

Some fans have begun speculating that there is a larger connection between Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) and the Legends than her being aligned with Mallus and Amaya's granddaughter. With Kuasa and Mari's grandfather -- and thus, the father of Amaya's daughter -- never having been named or revealed, it's possible that Nate is actually the father of Amaya's daughter. If Nate ends up being Kuasa's grandfather, it makes it significant that Kuasa let Nate go at Amaya's urging in "Daddy Darhkest".

And speaking of "Daddy Darhkest", Kuasa's revelation of what happens to Amaya and Zambesi in 1992 specifically may have opened a door for Nick and Amaya to continue their relationship and have a family without being completely tied to Amaya having to return to 1942. Now that Amaya knows her own future and her own fate with details she didn't necessarily have before, it's possible that there will be subtle changes to the timeline. They may not be enough to make any large changes -- Zambesi still may be attacked, Amaya still may die in 1992, Mari McCabe still may be the contemporary Vixen -- but the path there may not be quite as direct. After all, Gideon hasn't updated about Zambesi in a while.

Whatever the fate of Zambesi and who Kuasa's grandfather is are mysteries that have to take a little bit of a back seat for now, however. From the looks of next week's episode, the team is going to be busy dealing with a very Mallus-ified Sara (Caity Lotz) rather than issues of the heart.

Legends of Tomorrow airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW.



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