‘Suicide Squad’ #39 Features an Appearance From Donald Trump

The stories on the pages of comic books often reflect the world that we live in with the heroes and villains reacting to or being inspired by real life figures and events. This is especially true for the current run of DC Comics' Suicide Squad.

While not directly mentioned by name Donald Trump is clearly the inspiration for the President in the book. In Suicide Squad #35, he announced that the United States had finished building The Wall, a government-funded super-soldier with impressive weaponry as well as artificial intelligence implanted into the brain of its operator Captain Prohaska. The President even went so far as to declare that The Wall will "make America Safe Again," but as readers quickly found out that's not quite what happened. The Wall went rogue and as was revealed in Suicide Squad #39, he's possessed all of Washington D.C. with some sort of mind control.

Including the President himself.

Again, he's not directly named, and you don't see his face, but if you look carefully you can see Donald Trump sitting at his desk in the Oval Office, the blue glowing light and crackling indicating that he, along with everyone else in the nation's capital, has been possessed by The Wall. Check it out below.

suicide squad 39 donald trump
(Photo: DC Comics)

Of course, there's a purpose to The Wall possessing everyone. He doesn't want any heroes in the city except for Task Force X -- the Suicide Squad -- and if anyone else tries to show up, he'll use that possession trick he has to fry the brains of everyone he has under his control. That's a very dangerous prospect with the entire government under his control. It's interesting that the thing designed to be a benefit for American security ends up being used against the man who ordered it as well as the rest of the population -- Prohaska going rogue is kind of suspicious making readers wonder what the real motivation is to The Wall's actions -- but it's also interesting how Suicide Squad has done such a good job of incorporating elements of the President into the story. Writer Rob Williams uses just enough of the real Donald Trump's speech and writing patterns give a sense of his presence in the story while Neil Edwards' art and Ulises Arreola's color builds on those textual clues in one perfect panel that drives the President's identity home without detracting from the rest of the story.

As for what becomes of Washington -- and the President -- and what The Wall is looking for? You'll want to check out Suicide Squad #39 to find out. You can also check out our review of this issue as well as other comics out this week here.


Suicide Squad #39, written by Rob Williams with art by Neil Edwards and Color by Ulises Arreola, is on sale now online and at your local comic shop.

Did you spot Donald Trump in this issue or maybe have an idea about why The Wall went rogue? Let us know in the comments!