DC Cancels 'Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps'

DC is wrapping up yet another Rebirth era series this summer, as Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps is officially ending with issue #50 this August.

The DC solicitations for August revealed that the series would be releasing its final issue in that month, which will mark the 50th since its launch when DC's Rebirth kicked off in 2016. While it was never a breakout hit for DC, CBR reports that GLC was steady performer, selling north of 20,000 issues per month.

This may be disappointing for fans of the series, but it likely isn't a matter of DC deciding the book wasn't profitable enough to continue. Robert Venditti has been writing the series since its launch, and he's been building to a big conclusion for the characters. That climax will likely take place in issue #50, wrapping up the current story.

Whatever happens next in the world of the Green Lantern Corps will also likely stem from the events of the Justice League: No Justice series that's being released now. A hole was created in the wall at the edge of the universe, and the GLC will probably need to continue dealing with the fallout from that tragedy once the Justice League story wraps up.

You can check out the synopsis for the final issue of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps below. The issue goes on sale on August 8.


This. Is. It! It’s an extra-sized anniversary celebration, and one of the biggest battles the Green Lantern Corps has ever fought to mark the occasion. John Stewart issues a dramatic order: no lethal force! The Green Lanterns need to prove they can keep law and order in the universe without killing. Elsewhere, Hal Jordan faces down Tomar-Tu, and looks to use the Darkstars’ armor as a weapon against them—with some psychic help from Hector Hammond (who probably shouldn’t be trusted).

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