'Legends of Tomorrow' Star Matt Ryan on his Stop-and-Go Constantine Career

actor Matt Ryan has said goodbye to John Constantine many times since NBC cancelled the series after just one season, but the actor keeps coming back for more and more.

Though Constantine ended abruptly, Ryan has reprised the role in various other series and a movie, and will join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow for Season Four. While speaking with The Iris, Ryan addressed the experience of being finished with the role, only for new opportunities to come up.

"The fact that the show was originally short-lived, we only did 13 episodes, and with every corner of this journey with this character, I thought that it was the end," said Ryan. "The show was cancelled, I thought that was it, and I was about to start to do a play on Broadway, and they asked me to do the episode of Arrow, and I was really pleased about that.

"But, again, I thought then, that it was over. Then I went and did the Justice League Dark animation movie, and then Constantine: City of Demons, so at every corner, I thought of this character as being over. And then, they keep on getting me back, so it’s a great privilege, really, to be playing such an iconic character in, over all these different mediums. Now I’m really looking forward to having a good run at the character over a full season on Legends of Tomorrow."

Ryan also spoke about his character's long journey to Legends of Tomorrow and all of the great Constantine and Hellblazer comics that writers have used as inspiration.

"Well, doing Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow is different to, obviously, Constantine, or even the Hellblazer comics," Ryan explained. "There’s so many different elements of the character, which I think the writers of Legends, Arrow, and of Constantine, always did a great job of bringing those out."

Constantine will play a major part in the new season of Legends of Tomorrow after the defeat of Mallus opened the door for more supernatural forces to plague Earth. He'll join the crew of the Waverider and likely flirt with everything and everyone that doesn't piss him off.


Legends of Tomorrow Season Four premieres this fall on The CW.

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