Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Teases DC Cameos in 'Black Adam'

Although DC is reportedly heading toward more standalone movies and fewer team-up events, it sounds as though the upcoming Black Adam film will be a little bit of both.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who is set to star and produce Black Adam for DC and New Line, recently revealed that the film is looking to add multiple cameos from other notable DC superheroes.

While promoting his new movie, Skyscraper, Johnson was interviewed by European site Film Starts, who asked him for an update on Black Adam. Johnson first clarified that the movie isn't filming at the beginning of 2019, though a start date later that year is likely. He then went on to reveal that the creative team behind the film is plotting some big appearances from other characters.

“Without giving anything away, there MIGHT be maybe a cameo or two of some of the other DC superheroes," Johnson said. "We’ll see. That’s been the beauty of Black Adam as we’ve been developing it is that we could make a movie that just stood on its own too as well, but that’s also the beauty of those universes coming together at DC.”

When it was first revealed that The Rock had been cast as the villain-turned-anti-hero, many believed that he would first appear in the upcoming Shazam! movie, opposite Zachary Levi. Given that the two characters have been adversaries throughout the comics, the idea made a lot of sense. However, it was soon announced that Black Adam would be getting his own movie, separate from Shazam.


Rumors soon began floating around that Black Adam would make his debut in the Suicide Squad sequel, but those have since been squashed.

Are you excited to see The Rock bring Black Adam to life? What characters do you think will appear in his solo movie? Let us know by dropping your best theories and predictions in the comments below!