'Krypton' Star Has The Perfect Response to Viral "Favorite Movie" Tweet

If you have been on Twitter today, it is likely you have seen a tweet from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, encouraging users to "share the plot of your favorite movie in five words."

The prompt has received over 38,000 replies, which does not count the thousands of users who quote-tweeted the statement so they could have their say on their own wall.

Krypton star Cameron Cuffe, who plays Superman's grandfather on the SYFY hit, knocked his response out of the park, though.

You can check it out below.

That's it, folks. Everyone can go home now. Cameron Cuffe dropping key dialogue from Superman: The Movie is the perfect response to this meme.

Superman: The Movie, which was released in 1978 from director Richard Donner, has had a clear influence on elements of Krypton, not least of which, the Superman cape and S-shield see on the show, which seems to be lifted directly from Donner's version of the costume.

Christopher Reeve's Superman, who famously uttered "A friend" after Lois Lane, awestruck by the first public display of the Man of Steel's powers, asked him who he was, has remained the definitive big-screen Superman in spite of a fan-favorite portrayal by Henry Cavill and an earnest attempt from DC's Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh to approximate Reeve in a half-sequel made years after the final Reeve movie bowed out of theaters.

Cuffe has made himself known as a fan as much as an actor when discussing Krypton. Able to punch his weight in most DC trivia contests, Cuffe is as likely to tweet about pre-2000s movies, TV series, and comics as about the current stuff he is meant to be promoting.


The second season of Krypton is coming in 2019, and begins with Seg-El (Cuffe) trapped in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac, while General Zod runs amok on Krypton. In another time and place, Adam Strange finds himself trapped in a bottled Detroit on board Brainiac's skull ship, apparently suggesting that at some point in the future, Brainiac will escape the Phantom Zone and resume his conquests -- beginning with Earth.

You can get the first season of Krypton now on video on demand services, or watch it on the SYFY website.