DC Fan's Black Superman Photo Shoot Goes Viral

It's amazing the effect a cosplay can have, and fans are finding themselves inspired by fellow fan Jonathan Belle's Black Superman.

Belle not only presented a fantastic looking Superman but he also took some stunning photos, and fans are loving his take on the Man of Steel. The suit itself is modeled after the Henry Cavill movie suit, but fans are just happy to see a Black Superman, not to mention one who sports a full beard.

The photos feature Belle amongst some lovely surroundings, including one shot that features him taking off into the air and another shot with him peering down to the ground below. The best photo though is the last one, which features him walking through the city as his cape billows in the wind. It's a truly dramatic shot and one that wouldn't seem out of place in a DC film, and fans are definitely taking notice.

Belle posted the photos with the caption "If you don’t see it, make it or be it ⚡️ #superman."

As for the suit itself, Belle says it was made by JEFX (Jason Evans FX) and you can find out more about them here. You can also find them on Instagram.

As for Belle, you can find him on Instagram and Twitter.

Fans aren't sure when we'll actually get a Superman on the big screen again. Cavill's last reprisal of the character came in Justice League, but that film struggled at the box office and came in with loads of baggage, both on and off camera. Cavill's now appeared in three films as Superman, first in Man of Steel, then in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and finally in Justice League, but it is unknown when he will show up again.


There have been plenty of rumors in regards to a Man of Steel 2, but nothing concrete. It seems Cavill would certainly be up for it, and he is all for playing a more classic version of the character.

"I would be very keen for the opportunity to play a classic comic Supes before playing evil,” Cavill told Fandom. “In the comic books, there’s a lot of really, really good stories about being the classic hero — a real beacon of hope and a shining light for everyone to aspire towards — and it would be a lot of fun to play that version of Supes.”