'The Joker' Movie Map of Gotham Reveals Snyder and Nolan Easter Eggs

Production is underway on the first DC Comics movie to focus on a villain, featuring Batman's greatest foe in The Joker.

And though we've seen images and videos of Joaquin Phoenix in action of the Clown Prince of Crime, we don't know how it will tie into the DC universe. The jury is still out on whether or not it will be a prequel to other superhero movies or if it will set up a future Batman franchise, it still is dwelling deep in the history of the Caped Crusader.

An image from the New York City subway where scenes for The Joker movie were shot just hit online, packing in quite a few Easter eggs that Batman fans are sure to recognize.

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There are quite a few references to Batman lore and creators in this subway map, with the most obvious being Old Gotham, Gotham Village, Gotham Square, the Bowery, and Amusement Mile.

It appears that Amusement Mile will play a big role in the film moving forward, as we've already seen shots of the future super villain Arthur Fleck interacting with clowns who are employed in the area.

But there are a few neighborhoods in Gotham City that appear to be inspired by quite a few popular creators who have helped chart the course for Batman over the last few decades.

Dave McKean and Grant Morrison kicked off an insanely dark arc in the series Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. McKean is a borough in Gotham City, and so is Grant, according to this subway map.

There is also a neighborhood called Snyder, which is an obvious reference to... (drumroll please) Scott Snyder, the longtime writer of many popular Batman storylines in the pages of DC Comics. Well, it could be a reference to Zack Snyder, but that seems much less likely given the fact that the filmmaker only made a fight movie between Batman and Superman that was poorly received and he became a pariah among Warner Bros. executives. Yeah, let's go with Scott Snyder instead.

The map contains references to the Waynes in Wayne Avenue, director Christopher Nolan in Nolan Lane, and many more. But fans should point out that Kane County exists at the top of the map. Without Batman co-creator Bob Kane (and his unheralded partner Bill Finger), Batman would not exist.


It's nice to see the filmmakers behind The Joker pay respects to the prolific comic creators who came before.

The Joker premieres in theaters on October 4, 2019.