Henry Cavill's Team Denies 'Man of Steel 2' Demand Rumors

The Superman rumor mill is flying high this week, with various reports suggesting some issues keeping Henry Cavill from participating in a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. You need to be careful about who you believe however, as some of this "news" is already being discredited by much more reputable sources.

On Tuesday, Revenge of the Fans published a report saying that the hangup with Man of Steel 2 was entirely on the shoulders of Cavill and his teams "demands." The article stated that the actor wanted a producer credit on the film, as well as director and script approval. Essentially, this was suggesting that Cavill was holding everything over the heads of Warner Bros. and DC and would only return to the Superman role if he could make the big decisions. As it turns out, that's not true. Not at all.

After the report made its rounds online, Collider (a source that has an established itself as a legitimate and reputable source) reached out to Cavill's team to find out what's really going on.

Rather than simply ignoring the call or declining to comment, Cavill's team responded to Collider's request and set the record straight. The team denied the rumor, calling it "patently inaccurate" and saying that there was "no truth to this." As it turns out, Cavill isn't making any of those demands in regards to his next film as Superman.


Now, with a star like Cavill already attached, having already established himself as the character in three previous films, it would make sense for him to have some input in these decisions. He's already Superman, one of the three most important characters in DC Comics history, so it's likely he will at least have discussions with WB and DC about who could direct the next film, if it moves forward at all. But for an actor to have complete control over elements like the script and director isn't common, to say the least. There's no real reason to believe that Cavill would be asking for these things, since he knows he probably won't be getting them.

Regardless of what the hang-up is, the future of Superman on the big screen remains up in the air for now. There doesn't seem to be a Cavill-led movie in development, and WB is looking toward new money makers like Aquaman and Wonder Woman to anchor the DC franchise in the coming years.