'Legends of Tomorrow' Recap with Spoilers: The Legends go to RomantiCon in "Egg MacGuffin"

legends of tomorrow egg macguffin
(Photo: The CW)

Heads up, spoilers ahead! The episode starts with an awkward moment between Nate and Zari as the two haven't decided to move to the next step just quite yet. Sara offers Zari some tips and tricks. The team is alerted to an anachronism in 1930's New York. In an attempt to play matchmaker, Sara assigns both Nate and Zari to the case, hoping they'll hook up at some point over the mission. The two try recruiting other members of the Legends to go with, but they're unable to convince anyone to go, leaving the two to tackle it alone.

As they get deeper into their mission, they can't help but think that Sara set the entire mission up as a way to get the two to hook up. Before long, the two are kidnapped by a pair of Nazis and realize the mission is real and not a setup. Fortunately enough for them, Sara and Ava arrive to save the day.

Nora's still in her catatonic state and Ray — still possessed by Neron — tries to smother her, that even that causes Ray to realize he's possessed by the demon. Ray starts running tests, hoping to come up with a scientific cure to rid himself of the "infection." Gary inadvertently boards the Waverider and gets involved in Ray's ordeal, trying to exorcize Neron. Eventually, Ray gives himself to Neron, who consumes Ray's whole body.

Elsewhere, Rebecca Silver — the pseudonym Mick rights under — is invited to "RomantiCon." Rory convinces Charlie to stand in as Silver and the two go to the con. Charlie's panel is interrupted by Mona, who's a rabid Rebecca Silver fan. She leads a mutiny of sorts, forcing Mick to real that he's actually the author.

Other moments from the episode:

  • Constantine is able to get the right ingredients to use in a spell to bring Nora back
  • Neron is able to "convert" Gary to his side by giving him his nipple back
  • Neron & Gary knock out Constantine and take him with off the Waverider
  • Ava makes Nora a member of the Time Bureau
  • Zari and Nate finally kiss

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW Monday nights starting at 8/7 p.m. Central



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