iZombie Recap With Spoilers: Seattle Grows Divided in "The Scratchmaker"

iZombie's final season is nearing its midpoint, and it looks like the series is ramping things up. Read on to find out all of the plot twists and turns from the sixth episode of the season, "The Scratchmaker".

Obviously, spoilers for this week's episode of iZombie, "The Scratchmaker", below!

Blaine sits in prison, arguing that everyone in New Seattle has become a monster. Protests go on outside of the Scratching Post, and Major visits him in prison with little success. Dale and Cavanaugh interview Blaine, and he gets distracted by Dale being pregnant. They are then interrupted by the arrival of Brandt, his lawyer. Blaine gives him a message to pass off to Don-E -- "365 degrees". He eventually passes it on to him. Blaine and Brandt attempt to extort $10,000 from Don-E for his bail. Dale arrives and reveals to Blaine that his mansion was set on fire.

Don-E hides Blaine in his basement, but he's clearly frustrated by his current living situation. He visits Al and tries to threaten her for her article. He begins to zombie-out on her, but she pulls a gun on him and begins to do the same. He leaves, and begins to research how Dale possibly got a zombie cure.

Major interviews Don-E, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Boss. He reveals that he's been hiding overseas over the past few years, and suggests that they cut Blaine out of the brain supply in exchange for double the profits. Major places a bug in the room as he leaves, and overhears Don-E and Mr. Boss scheming to get more money. Mr. Boss visits Al -- who ends up being his niece. He congratulates her on taking Blaine down.

Major calls a group of government officials, who refuse to give him the money or more brains. Major is forced to make an announcement to ration brains, which the citizens of Seattle do not take kindly. He then learns that Blaine has officially been cut out of the brain operation. He and his soldiers then visit Dolly Durkins -- and learn that she's the mother of one of his recruits.

Major talks to an executive of an Amazon-like company, who eventually agrees to the idea of helping supply brains. This information gets to Don-E and Mr. Boss, and they eventually agree to continue bringing in brains for a smaller pay.

Blaine shows up at the Scratching Post, which Don-E has changed the name of to "Don-E's B-Goodz". Blaine clearly gets upset. He visits Brandt's apartment, and asks him to draw up a contract. Blaine visits a college student named Darcy Bennett, and offers her half a million for her brain - which has the same disease as Isobel's - once she dies.

Other tidbits from the episode include:

  • During a wedding at the Scratching Post, Don-E waits on a middle-aged woman who is very good at matchmaking. She tries to set Don-E up with the perfect girl, but she gets murdered soon after. Liv and Ravi perform her autopsy, and she and Clive eventually visit Don-E to ask him about it. Don-E becomes transfixed by the idea of his perfect match, and tries (and fails) to trigger a vision from Liv about it.
  • Graham is forced to bring one of his "friends" to interview to work for the coyotes. She passes the interview, despite Liv attempting to set her up with a romantic match.
  • While on the matchmaker brain, Liv tries to set up Major with one of her friends.
  • Liv and Clive come back to the Scratching Post to interview Candy, and Liv gets triggered into having a vision of Don-E's "perfect mate" having a tattoo. They then find the mother of the bride at the wedding, who admits to killing the matchmaker.
  • Clive takes over as lieutenant while Dale is on her maternity leave.


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