Marc Maron Describes Working With Robert De Niro in New Joker Movie

As we get closer and closer to the release date of Joker, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures are finally starting to peel back the layers of mystery surrounding the supervillain origin film. While Joaquin Phoenix will take the spotlight as the titular Batman foe, the film also features talented actors such as Robert De Niro and comedian Marc Maron.

Maron stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote the new season of GLOW on Netflix but was inevitably asked about working with De Niro on Joker. This prompted Maron to reveal a funny story that hints at a key scene between their characters and Phoenix's deranged Arthur Fleck.

In the film, De Niro plays a talk show hose named Murray Franklin and it sounds like Maron will play his assistant.

"So I get this little part in the Joker movie. I'm not really- I mean, it's Robert De Niro. I got one scene with him and it's a walk-and-talk, which is showbiz language for when you walk and talk," Maron joked. "It's just a tight little scene, it's me and De Niro, we walk into a room and Joaquin Phoenix is there. But it's not that many lines. And you know when you're acting, you wait around for four hours wearing a stranger's clothing, in a weird haircut, with different glasses on, and you're getting jacked up. You're focused, you know your lines... it's De Niro!"

Director Todd Phillips called action, and Maron recalls that he was so pumped up for the first take that it might not have been his best work.

"He goes 'action,' and we go into the scene. And I'm doing it. I'm doing it with Bob De Niro! I'm acting right at him, Stephen! Right in De Niro's face, I'm acting!"

After the scene cut, De Niro approached Phillips for a private moment, prompting the director to walk over to Maron on the set. "This is what he says, 'You're coming in a little hot.'"

Maron toned his excitement down for the subsequent takes, and he admitted that it was interesting to see De Niro act like he was "just a person," praising his talent.

"He's so effortless, that guy," Maron added.


It will be interesting to see how De Niro's character factors into the narrative of Joker, but something tells us he'll likely contribute to his descent into madness.

Joker premieres in theaters on October 4th.