Pennyworth's Hainsley Lloyd Bennett Breaks Down Alfred's Relationship With Bazza and Dave Boy

Epix's Pennyworth series tells the previously unknown story of Batman's iconic butler, Alfred, in his younger years, long before taking charge of Bruce Wayne. The show is all about how Alfred became the Alfred we know, and how his relationship with Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane was born. In addition to the classic characters we've known about for years, Pennyworth introduces a couple of folks key to the growth and development of Alfred, perhaps more important to the formation of his personality than anyone we've ever seen in a comic.

After serving in the British SAS together, Alfred couldn't be closer to his two best friends, Bazza and Dave Boy. The trio couldn't be more different from one another, but their time on screen makes it clear that each of them couldn't thrive on their own. Alfred truly wouldn't be the Alfred we know if not for these two partners in crime.

To get a better understanding of these relationships and how they affect Alfred, chatted with Pennyworth star Hainsley Lloyd Bennett over email, and asked him about the complicated dynamics between the three characters.

"We don’t know for sure how long they’ve known each other but of course if you’re in the army together your bonds intensify," Bennett told us. "The lads reference many other missions they’ve been on throughout the show and we know they’ve saved each other many times."

"I’d say they represent three states of being," he continued. "The optimist, the realist/pragmatist and the pessimist/nihilist. Alfred is of course the optimist. He’s got a great line in the show where he refers to Spanish our fallen soldier from the pilot. He says 'My mate Spanish says life is either a comedy or a tragedy and I prefer to have a laugh.' I can’t think of anything that encapsulates Alfie any more than that. Doesn’t like violence but enjoys cheating death. Dave Boy is the pessimist/nihilist. Devil may care attitude. I think the only time he feels alive is when he’s in conflict of some kind and when he’s not he drinks to numb the void. Bazza is the realist and is very pragmatic. He will call a situation for what it is and rarely would let his feelings rule the situation. Because Bazza is so proficient at what he does he doesn’t get a particular kick or excitement out of violent situations it’s just something he has to do.


"When you’ve got 3 men who all have such varying personas and motivation for violence there’s a real palpable chemistry as I think in real life we are all one of the boys at some point depending on the situation. Bazza ends up being Dave Boy's shoulder to lean on but they butt heads 'cause Dave Boy never fears consequences. Bazza and Alfred have their analytical minds in common but Alfred prefers to plan a little and improvise regardless of the odds which Bazza doesn’t like. The boys need Bazza, left to their own devices neither of them would stop the other from doing some of the stupidest things they could do without a proper plan."

How have you enjoyed Pennyworth so far? Are you looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out? Let us know in the comments!

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