DC's SPOILER Returns From The Dead

Darkseid has managed to bring Sepulkore online, but he did face some opposition along the way from Cyborg, Starfire, Jessica Cruz, and Azrael. Unfortunately, as we learned in the last issue of Justice League Odyssey, Darkseid managed to take control of several of them and make them part of his army, including Cyborg, Starfire, and Azrael. The only one left was Jessica Cruz, but unfortunately, her Power Ring was pretty much on empty, and she hit him with what she had left. That's when he crushed her hand and the ring on it, followed by vaporizing her with his Omega Beams. It seems though there's a little bit more to Jessica's story though. Spoilers incoming for Justice League Odyssey #13, so only read on if you've read the issue or don't mind spoilers.

This issue introduces us to the Science Academy of Zamaron's Research Station, a station in charge of studying the Source Wall. it was put out of commission after the Source Wall collapsed, but as we see that doesn't mean it's uninhabited. At the moment Hax, Okkult, and Dex-Starr are currently calling it home, and they see Sepulkore's activation. They use the last charge of their Summoner device to bring in any living New Gods to try and stop it, and they get some surprising results.

In the pods, they get Blackfire, a corpse, and a mysterious black box, and that corpse turns out to be Jessica Cruz. All of the people or items have come in contact with Darkseid recently, which is why the device thought they were New Gods. Hax says that her hand shows extreme crush damage, which shattered her Lantern Ring and buried the shards of it in her flesh and bone. Hax also notices that Cruz raised her hand at the last moment against Darkseid to shield herself and that the ring absorbed some of the Omega Energy from his Omega Beams, which explains why her body hadn't completely disintegrated.

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Later Hax, Okkult, Dex-Star, and Blackfire are discussing the situation, but they are interrupted by a now very much alive Jessica Cruz, who asks what the situation actually is. She says she was, in fact, dead, but now she's back, and she doesn't know why.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Hax theorizes that when her Lantern Ring was crushed into her hand the fragments started trying to heal her by using the Omega Energy they absorbed from Darkseid's Omega Beams. She's currently infused with high levels of Omega Radiation, which would kill anyone else, but that is what is actually healing her.

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Welcome back Cruz! You can check out the spoiler images above.

Justice League Odyssey #13 is written by Dan Abnett and drawn by Will Conrad, and you can find the official description below.


"Sepulkore is activated! The entire Ghost Sector has been imprisoned and enslaved as a new realm of Apokolips, with Darkseid as its supreme ruler! Returned to power, with reborn New Gods at his side and the Ghost Sector as an implacable fortress, Darkseid sets his sights on the remaining universe! Can anyone stand in his way? Where are Justice League Odyssey? And what are the shocking identities of the heralds who now do Darkseid’s malevolent bidding?"

Justice League Odyssey #13 is in comic stores now.