Titans Reveals the Fate of Superboy

Last week's episode of Titans on DC Universe ended on a major cliffhanger, revealing Superboy's debut with a tragic ending for the clone of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. And while the character finally crossed paths with Dick Grayson and the Titans, his heroic act of saving Jason Todd's life resulted in him getting shot in the chest with some kryptonite-enhanced bullets. The episode closed on a shot of Conner clinging to life, while Jason, Dick Grayson, and Starfire all sat confused about this new meta-human and how they could help

The newest episode "Bruce Wayne" picks up right where last week left off, and now we get to see how the team of heroes cope with their newest addition.

For a good portion of the episode, the Titans don't know how to deal with Superboy because his skin is as hard as steel — they can administer basic medical care but they cannot give him any medications or fluids. This means that the kryptonite in his body continues to poison him, draining him of his life force.

Conner briefly awakens and his genetic memory causes him to speak in Kryptonian, but he quickly passes out from the pain. The language he uses sounds familiar to Starfire, and with her alien expertise she deduces his alien heritage with the help of his impenetrable skin.

But then the episode cuts back to Cadmus Labs where Dr. Eve Lawson breaks Krypto out of captivity and the two manage to track Conner back to Titans Tower.

Starfire allows Lawson to enter the tower, and the doctor informs her that Conner needs enough solar radiation to heal him and eliminate the Kryptonian poison in his body. Luckly, she's bursting with solar energy, and with the help of Raven to contain the blast, she manages to imbue Superboy with her powers to the point where he regains consciousness and can begin healing.

Superboy's debut couldn't have come at a better time as the heroes of Titans continue to fracture amid the pressing threat of Deathstroke. The hired assassin already killed one of their teammates in Aqualad, and now he's coming for more revenge because of what happened with his son Jericho.


The fact that the Titans now have Rose Wilson, Deathstroke's daughter, among their ranks doesn't make their position any easier. It will be interesting to see how the team bounces back now that they have Superboy on their side.

New episodes of Titans air every Friday on DC Universe.

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