NYCC: Adam West Reacts to Ben Affleck's Batman Movie Title 'The Batman'

While at New York Comic-Con 2016, had a chance to sit down with Adam West, icon and star of the 1960s Batman TV series, to talk about his return to the Batman character in Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, an animated feature modeled after West and the '60s Batman TV show.

Return of the Caped Crusaders reunites West with his co-star and Robin, Burt Ward, as well as Catwoman actress Julie Newmar. But while all that dipping into past nostalgia is great, we are currently living in a day and time where there is a very different sort of Batman onscreen than the one West played.

Talking about the new version of Batman, West was very clear that he's not all that much of a fan of the darker, more violent version fo the character that Ben Affleck played in Batman v Superman. However, he had an altogether different reaction when we brought up the fact that Affleck's upcoming Batman movie has been tentatively titled The Batman.

West's reaction to the title was handled in his trademark pretty tongue-in-cheek manner, with the superhero icon claiming, "Well I'm not too sensitive!" while pretending to break down in tears. As a more serious answer, West said, "It's smart! It's simple, and it certainly puts the focus on him, as THE Batman. But he know - as you folks and everyone knows - that I'm the classic Batman. So I don't give a damn! I think it's smart of him to call it THE Batman!"

Adam West Reacts to Ben Affleck's The Batman Title

A classic answer, from a classic Batman.


You can catch Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders on digital download on October 11, 2016 - and on DVD/Bu-ray on November 1, 2016.