'Aquaman' Director Reveals Another Hidden Easter Egg In The Film

Aquaman is well on its way to a monstrous box office haul for Warner Brothers and now that the [...]

Aquaman is well on its way to a monstrous box office haul for Warner Brothers and now that the film's been in theaters a week, director James Wan has started taken to social media to share behind-the-scenes shots and various Easter eggs placed in the movie.

In one recent tweet, Wan shared an interesting tidbit behind one of the movie's most important props — Atlan's trident.

Wan revealed that not only did the crew behind a movie create custom alphabets for the film, but they also used the custom language to pay tribute to the original creators the Aquaman comic book character.

Created by writer Mort Weisinger and artist Paul Norris, Aquaman first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941) and according to the Aquaman director, both of their names are inscribed on the golden trident.

As of this writing, Aquaman has hauled in over $629 million at the box office, with some forecasts saying the movie could very well cross the $1 billion mark worldwide.

"I expect it to eventually reach north of $900 million and probably hit $1 billion, off the continued strength of massive foreign totals plus strong holds on both the domestic and international fronts," a recent article by Forbes revealed.

No matter which way you look at it, Aquaman has probably made more than enough for Warner Brothers to green light a sequel to the Jason Momoa-starring movie. Should Aquaman 2 eventually materialize, Wan's not sure it's something he wants to take on.

"I mean, liking the people I work with goes a long way," Wan tells ComicBook.coma. "That was the reason why I came back when I did Insidious 2. But it's a weird one for me, because I actually don't know what I want to do next for the first time in my career. I felt like Aquaman ticked a lot of boxes for me."

"I want to do another action movie after Furious 7, I wanted to do a world creation film, and I wanted to do a superhero movie, and Aquaman literally ticked all of those boxes for me. And so right now, I'm in that sort of place of like do I kind of go back and do a smaller movie maybe as my next one, something a bit more intimate. Or if I can do a personal movie, but maybe it's on a bigger scale. I'm not sure at this point."

Aquaman is now in theaters.