'Aquaman' Star Jason Momoa Says He Was Constantly Crying On Set

Aquaman is slated to dive back into theaters this month, and it seems Jason Momoa has plenty to [...]

Aquaman is slated to dive back into theaters this month, and it seems Jason Momoa has plenty to say about his time filming the solo venture. The actor may have beefed up to play Arthur Curry on the big screen, but the actor wants fans to know his heart has always been as big as his biceps.

Recently, Momoa sat down for an interview with the Mirror UK, and it was there the actor admitted he wasn't afraid to shed tears on set whenever he felt emotional.

"I'm the biggest drama queen on the set. I was constantly crying," Momoa said before adding he was raised to be in tune with his emotions by his single mother.

"I'm not going to normally get hired to play those emotional things – and I'm capable of it," Momoa continued. "I'm just trapped in a big, dumb body!"

To date, Momoa's Aquaman has yet to flex his waterworks for fans, but this solo flick will give the actor more time to explore the character. Arthur made his DC Extended Universe debut in Justice League last year, but the film's crowded cast forced the team members to gloss over their baggage. As it turns out, Aquaman has lots of trauma to work through, and Momoa admits he can relate to one of Arthur's biggest struggles.

During a previous chat with the Daily Telegraph, Momoa said he really connected with Aquaman as both men have been a 'fish out of water' so to speak.

"I love the fact that he is half-and-half [half Atlantean, half human]," Momoa said. "I can really relate, being born in Hawaii and raised in Iowa … (and him) coming from this Atlantis-Hawaii and not really feeling accepted in either place."

Justice League may not have been able to show Aquaman's vulnerable side thanks to all its parademons, but Momoa is more than ready to breakdown the hero's walls when called upon. For now, fans can keep their fingers crossed that Arthur gets misty eyed during his solo venture, giving audiences the chance to see how the DCEU will handle underwater crying sessions moving forward.

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Aquaman is scheduled to premiere in theaters on December 21, 2018.