Jason Momoa Gets Emotional at Hawaiian Premiere of Aquaman

For Aquaman star Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian premiere of the DC Extended Universe film was an [...]

For Aquaman star Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian premiere of the DC Extended Universe film was an emotional one.

At the film's Hawaiian premiere at Honolulu's Ward Theater on Friday, Momoa came out to greet the public, taking a few moments to address fans and talk about how much being part of Aquaman means to him with the actor tearing up in the process.

"This is one of the greatest moments of my life," Momoa said. "I'm so honored to play this role because it represents all of us, all of Polynesia. A wise man once told me, we as Polynesians, we're not separated by land. We're all connected by water. Fijian, New Zealand, the Maoris, Tahitian, Kanaka Maoli. It's all one tribe. All one nation and I'm honored to combine land and sea. We are the seafaring. We are the people. It's such an honor."

Momoa followed his moving comments with a traditional haka with his children, 11-year-old daughter Lol and 9-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf joining him. You can check out the speech and the haka in the video above.

The Hawaii premiere of Aquaman isn't the first time that Momoa, who is himself of Native Hawaiian/Kanaka Maoli descent, has performed a haka in connection with the movie. At the film's Los Angeles premiere last week the actor took the blue carpet along with his family to perform the energetic traditional dance in celebration of both the film and Polynesian culture. It's Momoa's love of that culture that Aquaman co-star Temuera Morrison spoke about previously with New Zealand's Stuff.

"He really embraced the haka and all things Māori," Morrison, who plays Thomas Curry in the film, said. "We'll be out for dinner and all of a sudden we'll be asking the restaurant if they have any brooms. Next minute, Jason and I are on the streets doing the taiaha. I'm like an uncle to Jason. In fact all the boys on set call me Uncle and that's all good."

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Aquaman is in theaters now.