Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Teases Big Announcement Tomorrow After Warner Bros. Meeting

Aquaman star Jason Momoa has certainly been getting fans hyped on social media lately. Earlier this week, just a few days after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, Momoa shared a message on his Instagram account promising an upcoming major announcement. That message came after he deleted a post on Instagram that apparently revealed a little too much too soon. On Wednesday, though, Momoa made another post teasing that a major announcement would be coming on Thursday along with photos of himself at Warner Bros. and hanging out with Clint Eastwood.

In a caption on the series of photos, Momoa described his day as "next level" and said that something he is "very proud about" would be announced on Thursday before gushing a bit about Eastwood and how excited he was to meet him.

"Well my day was next level," Momoa wrote. "I can't wait to share all the amazing things we did. We have 2 days and SEE comes out this press tour has been amazing and I have some good news. Something I'm very proud about to announce tomorrow. Anywho. As I was leaving Warner's I just saw Clint Eastwood. I freaked out ran to meet the MAN the LEGEND. So stoked. Mahalo for all your films Mr. Eastwood. Always a kid. Aloha j. Tomorrow is gonna be fun stay tuned."

Currently, there's no real way of knowing what Momoa's big announcement on Thursday will be. In his previous tease of a major announcement the actor mentioned is water company, Mananalu, but Momoa is also part of multiple film franchises and television projects. There are pretty much limitless possibilities. Some fans have already speculated that Momoa's announcement could be connected to Aquaman while others have gone a bit further with that and believe it to be about the so-called Snyder Cut of Justice League -- though with everything else Momoa is involved with, that one is a bit unlikely.

Whatever it is, Momoa is pumped about it so there's a good chance fans will be, too. They'll just have to stay tuned until Thursday to find out what it is.


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