'Aquaman' Movie LEGO Set Reveals Black Manta's Submarine

Another pivotal piece of DC Comics lore from James Wan's Aquaman movie has been revealed, as a new [...]

Another pivotal piece of DC Comics lore from James Wan's Aquaman movie has been revealed, as a new LEGO set gives us our first look at what Aquaman nemesis Black Manta's submarine will look like in the film! Take a look at that artwork, below!

James Wan himself confirmed / endorsed that this LEGO set will be what the actual "Manta sub" looks like in the film, and even though it's clearly a LEGO version of the vehicle, there are several key design concepts that DC Fans will love to see. First of all, the fact that the sub is still shaped like a giant manta is major step in the right direction, as it's a staple of the villain going all the way back to his Golden Age origins. Secondly, the fact that the bridge of the sub is designed in coordination with Manta's costume visor is a nice touch (villains don't color-coordinate like they used to!). Finally there is enough heavy artillery visible on that sub for fans to reasonably expect to see a massive undersea battle unfold, with Manta an his sub in the thick out it. If nothing else, it's nice to see Wan and Co. keeping some of the pulpier comic elements of Aquaman intact; they could have easily (and foolishly) gone the Nolan route, trying to make Black Manta's gear and vehicle fit "real world" parameters. However, in the case of the story about a man who can communicate with fish, this seems like a much better approach.

So far, the first Aquaman trailer has kept Manta's role in the story pretty vague. Actor Yahya Abdul-Matten II has refused to divulge much of anything, and even some details of what we learned on the Aquaman set are being kept under wraps, until the film's theatrical release. So where Manta will end up in that big battle that's been teased between forces of Atlantis, the monsters of the Trench, and Prince Orm's invasion of the surface world, remains to be seen. Hopefully, those heavy weapons aren't just for show.

Upcoming DC Extended Universe films include Aquaman on Dec. 21, Shazam on April 5, 2019, and Wonder Woman 2 on Nov. 1, 2019.