'Aquaman' Director Doesn't Hold Back on Orm's Motivations

Ocean Master has had enough of our sh*t, and now he's getting ready to wage war on the surface [...]

Ocean Master has had enough of our sh*t, and now he's getting ready to wage war on the surface world in the upcoming Aquaman movie from DC Films.

While speaking about the King of Atlantis on social media, director James Wan spoke frankly about Orm and why he feels justified in his villainous actions in the new film. Take a look at his tweet below.

(Photo: James Wan / Twitter)

"King Orm has had enough of our surface world sh*t — pollution and disrespect for the planet," Wan tweeted, tagging actor Patrick Wilson.

The actor himself previously spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his character, detailing Orm's motivations as someone who feels he is doing the right thing.

"He's kind of an eco-warrior," said Wilson. "He's got a very clear gripe with the surface world, which has been polluting his oceans for centuries. And that's something for me — I'm sure for you too — that's very easy to understand. If somebody was just constantly polluting our air and ruining how we lived …"

And though Orm will be one of the antagonists in the film, he doesn't harbor any ill will for his brother Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman. According to Wan, Wilson's acting ability made him a great choice to portray the nuanced feelings Orm has for his sibling.

"Patrick is such a talented actor and a chameleon as well, he can disappear into any role," Wan said about Wilson. "Orm's got a soft spot for his brother who lives on the surface world and if anything just wants him to rule Atlantis and the world together, but his brother doesn't see it that way. A lot of the clashes they have stem from their different upbringings. So I didn't want to cast a typical villain actor."

Wilson also starred in both main entries in The Conjuring film series, which were also directed by Wan.

But Ocean Master won't be the only villain in the new film, as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is set to bring Black Manta to life. Fans got their first look at the new villains in a series of photos that were released by EW, alongside a series of new posts detailing new information about the film.

Fans will get to see the struggle between the oceans and the surface world when Aquaman premieres in theaters on December 21st.

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