'Arrow': Is [SPOILER] Dead?

Tonight's milestone 150th episode of Arrow held a lot of surprises for fans as numerous characters from the show's seven-season history made appearances for the "documentary". However, not all of the surprises were pleasant ones. For some characters, "Emerald Archer" may have just revealed a very grim fate.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Arrow, "Emerald Archer", below.

While most of "Emerald Archer" was presented as a documentary about Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow, there was still a real villain for the newly-deputized former vigilante to face, the vigilante-hunting Chimera. Early on, Chimera attacks and abducts the new Green Arrow, Emiko Queen, leading Oliver to search for his sister. What is discovered is startling: Chimera is going after all of Star City's vigilantes, taking their masks as trophies after he presumably kills them. When the heroes make it to Chimera's lair, they discover some of the masks he's already taken which includes Emiko's as well as masks belonging to Huntress/Helena Bertinelli and Ragman/Rory Regan.

While Emiko is discovered and saved, the same can't be said for Huntress and Ragman. Later in the episode, after the team is aware of what Chimera is doing, it's revealed that efforts to track find both Huntress and Ragman to check on them have come up empty. With neither vigilante responding to contact attempts and it highly unlikely that either would have just given up their masks -- especially Ragman as his rags were items he had a deep personal connection to -- it's assumed that Chimera killed the heroes. After all, while Ragman appears in the documentary, it's footage that's been collected over several years. Chimera having the mask is more than a little ominous.

And it gets worse. While Team Arrow comes back together and manages to stop Chimera, the episode doesn't reveal exactly what happened to Ragman and Huntress. After he's arrested it's noted that he attacks vigilantes because he wants their masks, but it isn't exactly clear if everyone survives those attacks. Given how severely injured Emiko was and how close Wild Dog/Rene Ramirez came to, as Diggle put it, nearly being cut in half, it doesn't look good for the heroes.


That said, as we've discovered in the Arrowverse if you don't see the death happen there's always a chance that the supposedly deceased survived (Ricardo Diaz ending up in the river during the Season 6 finale, anyone?) It's not impossible that both Huntress and Ragman survived their encounter with Chimera and are simply lying low, recovering from the attack only to return in the future. And there will definitely be opportunity for the characters to return. Not only has Arrow been renewed for an eighth season, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is coming to the Arrowverse this fall. An event of that magnitude is very much an all-heroes-on-deck moment, one Huntress and Ragman would surely be part of if they could.

What do you think? Do you think that Huntress and Ragman survived Chimera, or do you think it's Rest In Peace for the vigilantes? Let us know in the comments below.