'Arrow': "All For Nothing" Trailer Released

The CW has released a trailer for 'All For Nothing,' the February 1 episode of Arrow.You can check [...]

The CW has released a trailer for "All For Nothing," the February 1 episode of Arrow.

You can check it out above.

In the episode, Oliver Queen and Dinah Drake continue what has been a running theme of this season -- that the old and new members of Team Arrow can't seem to get it together. The result is a confrontation that plays right into Cayden James's hands.

Meanwhile, it seems like the episode will piggyback off of this week's episode, in which Vigilante played a major role. The longtime Team Arrow antagonist now claims to have been working with Cayden James undercover, and seems to want to rekindle his relationship with Dinah -- something that likely touches off the conflict with Oliver, since in last night's episode she did not share with him that her ex-partner was the source of the leaks that led to their showdown with James's men.

Of course, like Prometheus last year, Cayden James appears to be several steps ahead of everybody at all times. One cannot completely discount the possibility that having Vigilante "discovered" and then explaining away his relationship with James, is all part of an elaborate ruse to keep the superheroes who are battling his agenda confused.

"Well, it's definitely been a little bit of a glitch in her path, because now -- in a sense -- not only is she dealing with her past but she also has her own little secret that she has to decide whether she's going to keep from the team, so it definitely throws a wrench in her life and game plan," Juliana Harkavy, who plays Dinah, told reporters during a set visit late last year.

OLIVER AND DINAH FACE OFF — Oliver (Stephen Amell) continues his battle with Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson). Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) and Oliver have a major disagreement that endangers the life of one of their own.

Mairzee Almas, who directed the acclaimed season 5 finale, directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Oscar Balderrama.

Arrow airs on Thursday nights at 9 p.m., following new episodes of Supernatural on The CW.

"All For Nothing" debuts on February 1.