Arrow's David Ramsey Say Fans Will Get "More Than a Callback" For the Baby Sara Story

Arrow has told a lot of stories over what will end up being its eight seasons on The CW, but there's one that for some fans has stuck out as being unresolved. While the current iteration of the Diggle family sees John and Lyla sees the pair as the parents of a young son, JJ, that wasn't always the case. The Diggle’s originally had a daughter, Baby Sara, whose existence was essentially wiped out thanks to the Flashpoint timeline created by Barry Allen/The Flash. Baby Sara disappeared, replaced instead with little JJ. But fans have never forgotten Baby Sara and neither has the show -- and according to series star David Ramsey, Arrow will make good on things before the series ends.

In a recent interview with TV Line Ramsey, who directs tonight's episode of Arrow, "Reset" as well as plays John Diggle, revealed that the series will make good on showrunner Beth Schwartz's earlier claim that there would be a callback to Baby Sara this season but said that while it's not happening tonight, it will soon and it will be more than just a callback or nod.

"It is," Ramsey said when asked if there was anything on the horizon regarding the Baby Sara situation. "It is not in this episode, but Baby Sara has not been forgotten -- thank you for asking! -- and you will be getting a callback, without a doubt. And honestly, I would say you'll be getting more than just a callback."

These comments from Ramsey are sure to get fans' theory engines running. As we noted, Schwartz previously promised that the series would be making up for the Baby Sara situation and while we haven't seen anything yet, fans have theorized that it's the Baby Sara situation that has Lyla so loyal to The Monitor that she would go behind the backs of those she's closest to.

While we don't exactly know why -- it's hinted that he's the god who answered her prayers after a traumatic military experience -- but as TV Line points out The Monitor appears to have the ability to do some pretty massive things that would include changes to universes and timelines. He offers to restore Earth-2 to Laurel (Katie Cassidy Rodgers) to get her to betray Oliver. Could The Monitor have earned Lyla's loyalty with the promise of restoring Baby Sara? Given that the Diggle’s are now aware that, in the future, JJ becomes Deathstroke it's not impossible to think that Lyla struck a deal with The Monitor to get her daughter back and, perhaps in doing so, get a second chance.


Of course, it's also possible that the series will return to the Baby Sara storyline by offering viewers a glimpse of an Earth in which Baby Sara was never erased -- a vision of a very different Diggle family. Fans will hopefully find out for sure as Arrow's eight and final season continues and when "Crisis on Infinite Earths" arrives beginning Sunday, December 8.

Arrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.