'Arrow' Recap With Spoilers: Oliver Disobeys Orders in "Training Day"

There's a new villain in town — is it somebody Oliver Queen and Team Arrow can take down? Here's [...]

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There's a new villain in town — is it somebody Oliver Queen and Team Arrow can take down? Here's what happened in tonight's episode of Arrow.

WARNING: Full spoilers for the latest episode of Arrow below.

A new crime syndicate is apparently testing new drugs out on unsuspecting people, which ends up killing them. The SCPD receives word of the killings and begins to investigate. So long as Team Arrow is working for the police department, Mayor Pollard doesn't want them wearing their vigilante garb so they're assigned a special SWAT-like suit.

The team finds intel on the group and they bust them during the midst of an arms/chemical deal. After Dinah and Oliver fight about how to tackle the situation, all of the bad guys end up getting away. Back at the precinct, Oliver fights with the officer that took lead in the field.

They find out the leader of the group is James Midas, the proprietor of a local pharmaceutical company. Oliver disobeys orders and approaches Midas later that night dressed as the Green Arrow. After Midas admits to using chemicals in bullets he then sells to rival gangs, Oliver places him under arrest.

Pollard orders the police department to release Midas the next day after Oliver admits to hanging the guy over a vat of hydrochloric acid. This causes Dinah to get upset at Oliver's insubordination.

Oliver and Felicity meet with Diggle at the newly restored Team Arrow lair. The whole team assembles there — while Oliver and Dinah apologize to each other — shortly thereafter and Felicity reveals she's been tracking Midas' DNA throughout the city using legal means.

The team converges on a warehouse take out all of Midas' men. With ample evidence, the rest of the SCPD swoop in and arrest him. After the successful mission, Pollard turns Team Arrow into a special task force that can legally operator outside of the police department.

Other tidbits from tonight's episode:

  • Oliver and Felicity initially agree to not tell anyone about the pregnancy but slip up and end up telling Diggle.

  • Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner called Laurel to the prison, informing her that Ricardo Diaz has been killed. He says he knows who did it, but won't reveal the information until Laurel gets him out of prison. After Laurel refuses, Ben asks to see his son instead and she arranges a meetup between the two in the jail. Turner reveals the new Green Arrow is the one who killed Diaz. Laurels track down Emiko and confronts her about Diaz's death.

  • Dinah's sonic powers only work intermittently after her previous neck injury.
  • In the future, William and Mia try purchasing tape recorder for $500 from a shady back-alley dealer but they can't afford it. Eventually, they steal the player and play the tape left behind. It's a set of coordinates that Felicity wants them to give the rest of the team.

Arrow airs Mondays starting at 8/7 p.m. Central on The CW.


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