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The episode opens with Green Arrow and Spartan heading into an abandoned factory to look for Tobias Church's cell phone. Green Arrow remarks to Felicity that it's probably a trap by Prometheus, which is why he didn't bring the rest of the team to the mission. But Prometheus isn't trying to trap Green Arrow, he's sending a message. When Ollie finds Church's phone, an explosion rings out behind him and the floor is covered in flames spelling out a warning: "So It Begins".

Back in the Arrow Cave, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity try to figure out what Prometheus's plan is. Oliver also refuses to tell the rest of Team Arrow about Prometheus until he knows what Prometheus wants.

In a flashback, Anatoly teaches Oliver how to make a small bomb. The lesson doesn't go well, especially when a driveby shooter sent by Kovar almost kills Oliver and Anatoly.

so it begins arrow

The next morning, Oliver has an on-camera interview with Susan Williams when Lance walks in late. However, Lance insists that he wasn't drinking. After the (admittedly soft) interview, Thea shows Oliver and Lance plans for an arts festival, and Oliver tells her to let him know what she needs to make it happen. Lance also suggests a venue: the Rockets Arena, and says he knows a guy.

Prometheus shows up at a random woman's apartment and kills her via a throwing star to the neck.

The Green Arrow shows up at the crime scene and asks Adrian Chase for details about the victim. Oliver and Chase can't find a motive, but they're interrupted with a notification that Prometheus has killed another person.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle suggests that Felicity use her boyfriend's police connections to grab one of the throwing stars. Although Felicity protests, she still heads into the police station to steal evidence off his desk.

Meanwhile, Susan creates problems for Oliver when she breaks the "Throwing Star Killer" story on the news, causing panic in the city.

In a flashback, Oliver and Anatoly meets with the head of the Bratva, who tells him that Kovar is trying to expand his territory with a casino. He suggests that Oliver pose as a rich American playboy to get inside the casino and blow it up from inside.

Team Arrow responds to a riot at an outdoor shopping mall caused by a report that Prometheus was in the area. Most of the team rescues injured civilians, while Green Arrow, Spartan, and Ragman take care of some panicky gunmen shooting into the shadows.

With the riot contained, Oliver and Diggle tell the rest of the team about Prometheus. They're pretty upset, but Diggle stresses they were just trying to vet the situation. Curtis also helps Felicity with an algorithim to find a connection between Prometheus's victims.

Meanwhile, Thea takes a long hard look at a bottle as she tries to contain the situation from City Hall.

Felicity gathers Team Arrow and says she found out how Prometheus is picking his victims. His two most recent victims' names can be used as anagrams for people that were formerly on....THE LIST. That's right, Arrow is bringing back the hitlist Oliver used when he first returned to Starling City back!

Oliver explains the history of The List to the new recruits, and most of them are peeved they're following a former serial killer. Oliver tells Felicity to cross-reference The List with Star City's populace to get a lead on Prometheus's next victim.

In a flashback, Oliver almost blows up the casino, but he gets knocked out by one of Kovar's men.

Thea visits Quentin's apartment and discovers that Quentin had never sobered up in the first place. She insists that Quentin go to an AA meeting.

The recruits meet at Rory's workshop to vent about Oliver's secret past. Artemis, in particular, wants no part of Oliver and his constant revelations.

Oliver vents by shooting some tennis balls out and talks to Diggle about the recruits' reactions. Diggle reminds him that he's moved past that phase, and that Oliver now only kills as a last resort.

Felicity comes up with a list of six names that Prometheus could target, which means that Team Arrow will have to split up to protect them. Artemis also says that she's not happy with Oliver, but she's going out into the field because she wants to protect people for "herself" instead of for Oliver.

Sure enough, Prometheus goes after one of the targets, a subway train operator assigned to Artemis. Artemis tries to fight Prometheus and even cuts him in the arm, but she's quickly overwhelmed. As Prometheus prepares to kill the operator, Oliver (tipped off by Felicity) arrives and scares Prometheus off. Unfortunately, Prometheus damaged the train's controls as he escaped, so Oliver straps Artemis, himself, and the conductor to a parachute arrow and flies off the train right before it crashes.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver patches Artemis up and apologizes for keeping secrets from her. He says that he's not the man she thought he was, but he's trying to be and asks for her patience.

In Russia five years ago, Oliver meets Kovar (aka DOLPH LUNDGREN) for the first time. Kovar kills Oliver's partner but lets him live...for now.

Felicity meets her boyfriend at the precinct and comes clean about her involvement with the Green Arrow. He's not happy at first, but says that she's doing it for a good cause and then immediately goes into fanboy mode over Green Arrow.

Thea's music festival is a big hit, but Felicity pulls Oliver aside and says she's found a big clue as to who Prometheus really is. It turns out that Prometheus's throwing stars are made from Green Arrow's old arrows, which means that he has access to the police department's evidence locker. As Felicity lays out her evidence, we see Quentin waking up in his apartment with a cut on his arm and one of Prometheus's throwing stars on his desk. Could Quentin be Prometheus?


And that's tonight's episode!