Arrow Recap with Spoilers - Kapiushon

The episode begins with a montage of some of Oliver's many kills over the years. Chase holds [...]


The episode begins with a montage of some of Oliver's many kills over the years. Chase holds Oliver's heads underwater and says that his father drowned in the pool, as Oliver's arrow didn't kill him all those years ago. Chase says he chose the name Prometheus because Prometheus the Titan challenged the omnipotence of the Greek gods. He also says that he has some sort of grand plan, and that Oliver can only stop it by confessing the one thing that Oliver's afraid to admit. Oliver says he doesn't know what that is, so Chase pushes Oliver's head under water once again.

In a flashback, Oliver tortures Gregor to find out what his plans were with Kovar. Gregor promises Oliver that everyone that Oliver loves will die at his touch before he passes away. After Gregor dies, the Bratva name Anatoli their new "Pakhan" (AKA leader). Each member of the Bratva, Oliver included, cut their palms and make a blood oath to Anatoli.

When the ceremony is over, Anatoli says that he's going to talk to Kovar. Oliver suggests that he reaches out to Taiana's mother instead. When he finds Taiana's mother, one of Kovar's men tries to kill Oliver, but Oliver kills him instead.

Kovar meets with Malcolm Merlyn about a shipment of some kind, before Anatoli walks in to Kovar's office. Anatoli claims that Kovar was killed by the Kapiushon (the Russian word for Hood), a mystery men that's disrupting the Bratva's business. Kovar reveals that he's somehow planning to make Russia "strong" again.

Back in the Bratva bar, Anatoli says that Kovar is planning to overthrow the Russian government using whatever shipment Merlyn arranged. Anatoli tells Oliver to go home, as Russian seems to bring out Oliver's inner monster, but Oliver says he's not going to stand aside while Kovar murders Gregor.

In the present day, Chase covers the wall of Oliver's cells with pictures of Oliver's "victims." He pulls off a photo of the Count (the first one) and says that if Oliver doesn't confess, he'll put the same three arrows in Oliver's chest that Oliver put in the Count. Oliver tells Chase to go to hell, so Chase shoots Oliver with arrows.

In a flashback, Anatoli and Oliver discover that Merlyn arranged for a large amount of sarin gas to be shipped into Russia, enough to kill thousands.

Chase tells Oliver to confess, or he'll go after one of Oliver's loved ones...including Oliver's son. Oliver claims he doesn't know what Chase wants, so Chase says he's going to kill someone Oliver loves.

In a flashback, Kovar and his men arrive for the sarin gas, leading to a major shootout. Most of Anatoli's men are killed, but Oliver responds by murdering most of Kovar's men. Still, Kovar gets away with the sarin gas.

One of the Bratva members confront Oliver about convincing Anatoli to fight Kovar, but Oliver points out that the Bratva will be wiped out by Kovar once he takes over Russia. Oliver then tortures one of Kovar's men to find out what Kovar's plan is.

When the torture is over, Anatoli comes down and finds Oliver's "handiwork". Anatoli says that putting on the hood won't separate the man from the monster, it will just give the monster strength to overtake Oliver. Oliver also casually mentions that he tortured Kovar's man to death as "practice."

In order to get close to Kovar, Oliver approaches Taiana's mother and tells her that Taiana died. Oliver convinces Taiana's mother to give him her key to Kovar's building.

Chase brings a broken Artemis into his cell. Chase drops a knife in the middle of the room and says that if Oliver doesn't kill Artemis (or vice versa), Chase will kill her himself. Chase hopes that Oliver killing Artemis will be a good reminder as to what his secret is. Artemis apologizes to Oliver and then picks up the knife.

In a flashback, Kovar shows up at some sort of fancy function at a casino, while Oliver sneaks in through the back. After breaking into Anatoli's security room, Oliver tells Anatoli where the sarin gas is, before he sees Kovar torturing Taiana's mother. Meanwhile, one of the Bratva betrays Anatoli and leads him into a trap.

In the present day, Oliver pleads with Artemis to help him fight Chase, but Artemis says that she's dead. Artemis rushes at Oliver, but he disarms her and kicks her away. Chase walks in and grabs Artemis and tells Oliver to confess and then breaks Artemis's neck when Oliver doesn't confess. Oliver promises to kill Chase, and Chase says that they're finally getting somewhere.

In a flashback, Oliver finds out that Anatoli's been taken and he goes on a rampage through Kovar's casino. Kovar tells his guests how the Bratva were planning a gas attack on his casino, but it backfired and killed everyone (including the Bratva) instead. Kovar leaves wearing a gas mask, but Oliver shuts the gas off shortly after. Kovar confronts Oliver, while Chase tells Oliver (in the present day) that putting on the hood was just an excuse.

Oliver and Kovar's fight spills into the casino, but Oliver gets a hold of a knife. Anatoli begs Oliver not to do it, but Oliver stabs Kovar in the guts.

Oliver finally confesses to Chase: he killed people because he wanted to and because he liked it. In the aftermath, Artemis is revealed to be alive (she was helping Chase all along) while Chase tells Oliver that his whole crusade was based on a lie. He says that all his friends have paid a price for Oliver's campaign. Oliver tells Chase that he promised to let him go and says that he's sorry. Before Chase lets Oliver go, he burns off Oliver's Bratva tattoo.

In a flashabck, Oliver and Anatoli get matching tattoos before Anatoli returns Oliver's hood. Anatoli warns Oliver that the hood is just justifying Oliver's love of murder and that one day Oliver won't love the man who lays underneath.

Meanwhile, Merlyn looks over Kovar's body...only to learn that Kovar is still alive. Merlyn mentions that he would hate to be whoever crossed Kovar.

Oliver gets up and stumbles out of his cell and returns to the Arrowcave. Oliver dumps his quiver and tells the team that "it's over," that he doesn't want to be Green Arrow anymore.