Arrow Season 4 Featurette Examines the Villains

Last season on Arrow, Oliver and his team had their hands full with not one but two villains that contained abilities and powers well above those of normal humans.

That didn't stop him and his team from going after them of course, and in a new season four featurette, fans get a closer look at the two obstacles in Oliver's way, who go by the names Damien Darhk and Vandal Savage.

Damien Darhk actor Neal McDonoughn reveals a bit more insight into his powerful villain, a person he see's as at one time being similar to Oliver in many ways.

"When I was offered to play Damien Darhk, there wasn't a whole lot of history to the character. We worked through different ideas of who he was. We tried to make him as much Lex Luthor Gene Hackman crazy fun, not just dark, dark, dark. Damien really actually admires and looks up to Arrow. This is the only adversary I have in the world, true adversary, and he doesn't even have my powers. How does he keep doing it? Well it's pure good will that he has, and Damien at one time I'm sure was the same as Oliver, that he was pure good will at some point, and something happened to change his life. You know, if it were a different life these guys would be brothers. Just when you think Damien's done he just gets stronger and stronger and stronger.

Darhk is quite formidable, but the other villain making a ruckus in the DC Universe happens to be immortal. DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Dan Didio described just why Vandal Savage is so deadly.

"So what his greatest strength is is time, and planning, and awareness, and knowledge, and all the stuff that can only be accumulated by experiencing these things first hand, and reapplying it to whatever your plans are going forward. If he was in theories the first man, um, he wants to be the last man standing and work his way through time to achieve that goal."

Executive Producer Wendy Mericle spotlighted just how powerful these two men are, and Team Arrow won't walk away unscathed.


"On Arrow on past seasons Oliver has certainly gone up against some formidable foes, but to go against Vandal Savage or to go up against Damien Darhk, they have these powers and capabilities that they've never faced before and there's a question mark as to how or what the outcome is going to be."

Arrow returns to the CW for its fifth season on October