Other 'Arrow' Characters Will Have Flashbacks in Season 6 According to Stephen Amell

Love them or hate them, flashbacks have been a critical part of the storytelling on Arrow and while Oliver Queen's island flashbacks have come to an end that doesn't mean the show is abandoning the storytelling method altogether. According to star Stephen Amell it's other characters who will be getting flashback stories in season six.

During his panel at Salt Lake Comic Con this weekend, Amell explained that Oliver's flashbacks were over, but that the show would still use flashbacks, specifically when it comes to Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (Manu Bennett.)

"You know, so sometimes we have flashbacks," Amell said. "Sometimes we don't. For example, this year we tell the origin, not the origin story but we tell ... fill in some pieces for Slade Wilson's story."

Flashbacks being used to tell Slade Wilson's story is something that Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed earlier this month in an interview with Collider. In the interview Guggenheim explained that a two-part episode and story arc would feature flashbacks from the antagonist's perspective. But according to Amell, it won't be just Deathstroke getting the flashback treatment.

"I know that I think a couple of other people are going to have flashbacks," Amell said.

And as for why Oliver won't be getting more flashbacks? Amell joked that it wasn't just because his character's flashback story was over. There's the matter of his flashback costume that poses a bit of a challenge.

"I have not had a flashback, but they probably just don't want to pay for a wig because I burnt the other one."

Arrow returns for its sixth season Thursday, October 9th on The CW

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