Stephen Amell Reveals Goatee Is Coming in 'Arrow' Season 7

Star Stephen Amell just confirmed that an iconic part of Green Arrow’s look from the DC Comics [...]

Star Stephen Amell just confirmed that an iconic part of Green Arrow's look from the DC Comics universe will debut in Arrow Season Seven on The CW.

Amell told a crowd at Motor City Comic Con that he will debut Oliver Queen's classic goatee in Arrow's upcoming season.

"Just because you've been polite, and just because everyone has been so nice to me today, I can break some news for you and let you know that in Season Seven I am going to debut the goatee," Amell said.

Amell did caution that the goatee may not be sticking around forever, possibly signaling that it will be more of an Easter egg than a lasting redesign to the character. He also made it clear that Green Arrow's Robin Hood hat won't be making an appearance.

"I can't promise that I'm going to keep [the goatee] forever," he said. "I can definitely promise that I'm not going to wear the stupid hat."

Amell went on to explain that the idea came up while considering how Green Arrow's costume may change in Arrow's seventh season now that Oliver Queen's secret identity isn't so secret.

"We've actually been thinking a lot, assuming that Ollie gets out of prison if he suits back up as the Green Arrow, what does that costume look like?" Amell said. "Because there's no more secret identity. That cat is out of the bag. Not that it was that secret before, but we will see."

Previously, Amell has been reticent about the idea of taking on Oliver Queen's flamboyant facial hair from the comics, though he did eventually promise fans that it would appear on the show before the series ended.

"I promise you, before the series - not season, series - ends, we will have at least one shot with the iconic goatee," Amell revealed.

It seems fans will get that one shot, and maybe more when Arrow returns this fall.

Arrow was renewed for Season Seven alongside its fellow DC Comics series on The CW - Supergirl, The Flash, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. That means another crossover story is in the works, and this year's story will introduce the Batwoman to the CW's DC Comics TV universe.