Stephen Amell Reacts to Arrow on Jeopardy

After 35 seasons in syndication, Jeopardy! is not just a show, but part of our culture. That means [...]

After 35 seasons in syndication, Jeopardy! is not just a show, but part of our culture. That means that not only does the game show every so often get a lot of attention due to incredible winning streaks, as was the case with James Holzhauer's run, but it's still an exciting thing for a celebrity to have a question about themselves or a project they've been part of pop up as prompt for contestants to answer in the form of a question. For Arrow star Stephen Amell, a recent episode of Jeopardy! delivered on that excitement -- and he took to social media to share.

Last week, an episode of Jeopardy! had a category called "The DC Universe" and one of the prompts was about The CW's Arrow: "This show stars Stephen Amell as a billionaire who takes aim at crime. Began in 2012; Get the point?"

The obvious answer is, of course, "What is Arrow?" but we'll forgive Amell for not reacting to in the form of a question. The Oliver Queen actor summed up the priceless nature of being mentioned on the iconic game show pretty directly. You can check it out in the tweet below.

We've got to admit, it's pretty exciting to see Arrow as one of the show's prompts. With seven seasons down, Arrow has become a part of popular culture and seeing it reflected in trivia only reaffirms that. It's also a pretty nice nod considering that Arrow is entering its eighth and final season this fall. As was previously announced, Arrow will conclude at the end of its upcoming, ten-episode eighth season, a season that will presumably lead into the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event that fans have been clamoring for for years. The announcement of Arrow's end surprised fans, but as Amell noted during a recent appearance at Megacon Orlando, there's been a lot of fan support as well, something he was very grateful for.

"I really appreciated this weekend people saying, 'thank you for the run, we're sad that it's going' and the fact that you're sad that it's going doesn't make me happy, but to me it also reaffirms that we're probably doing this at the right time. I think. I hope," Amell said. "It feels right for me and I hope we get to do it justice towards the end. I think that we will, but I have appreciated all of the sentiments, they've made me feel very happy, so thank you for that."

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Arrow returns for its final season Tuesday, October 15 at 9/8c on The CW.