Asher Angel Talks Shazam! Casting Process, Origin Story

During a recent interview on the Circa News YouTube channel, Shazam! star Angel Asher spoke briefly about the casting process for the film, and the pressures of having to sit on such a big secret until it was announced.

"I was self-taping for it, and then they wanted to call me in for a test," Angel explained. "So I came into Los Angeles, I tested with [director David Sandberg]; it was so much fun. I just felt so comfortable….And the next day I went into Warner Bros. to do one last scene in front of the execs and everyone, and two days later we were leaving to go from LA to Utah and we got the call."

He had to keep it secret for only a couple of weeks before it went public, but he still had to work to keep his enthusiasm quiet.

Per Angel, it sounds as if the mythology of Shazam! hasn't changed much from the comics.

"Shazam is about a little boy named Billy Batson," Angel said. "He's kind of gone through a hard time, and he finds out he's capable of this super power. By saying this one word, he can turn into an adult superhero and turn back into Billy Batson."

Angel will begin filming Shazam! in February. You can check out the video above to hear Angel give his first "Shazam!" shout on camera.

Shazam! is currently in production, aiming for a release date of April 5, 2019.