'Batgirl' Screenwriter Confirms Project Still in the Works

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have a lot of plans to expand their superhero universe on the big [...]

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have a lot of plans to expand their superhero universe on the big screen, including a movie based on Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl.

Little is known about the upcoming Batgirl movie, which suffered a minor setback when Joss Whedon dropped out from directing the project. But that hasn't stopped writer Christina Hodson from making progress.

Hodson, who wrote the script for Bumblebee, was asked by ComicBookMovie if she thought Hailee Steinfeld would be good for the superhero film's title role.

"[That's] above my paygrade," Hodson said with a laugh. "Not something I can speak to. But, yeah, I'm loving writing it, I can say that, it's a total joy to work on. I love the character. And everyday I'm finding new things to love and get excited about."

During a previous interview with Collider, Hodson explained that she's taking ownership of the character's journey and not worrying about previous iterations of Batgirl, such as the one who appeared in Batman & Robin nearly two decades ago.

"I actually don't think it is that established." Hodson said. "A few people remember Alicia Silverstone doing that, but [Batman & Robin] was not one that is seminal. So, I do feel very free doing that one, and the studio is being super supportive, in letting me dream up whatever I want to dream up."

The writer was reluctant to spill any details, but she did offer some teases of what she wants to tackle with her script for Batgirl.

"Many things [excite me about Batgirl], but I'm not allowed to talk about that, at all." Hodson explained. "She's cool. With all of these characters – the ones that I'm creating and that are original, like [Bumblebee's] Charlie, and the ones I'm getting to inherit and play with – they're independent, intelligent, capable, interesting and nuanced, and nuanced really is the main thing. They're not one thing or another. They are flawed, complex, beautiful, wonderful, weird, and fully rounded and fully fleshed out characters. We've got so many great actresses out there, that are ready to play these roles, that it's fun to be writing roles for them.

Hodson also wrote the script for Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which is heavily rumored to to feature the debut of Batgirl in a cameo capacity. While Batgirl does not yet have a release date attached to the project, fans can see Birds of Prey when it premieres in theaters on February 7, 2020.