Batman: TAS Star Kevin Conroy to Do Live Reading of Batman: The Adventures Continue

Batman The Adventures Continue Keven Conroy Live Reading Event DC Instagram

DC Comics recently reopened the door to the world of Paul Dini and Alan Burnett's Batman: The Animated Series, via the new series, Batman: The Adventures Continue. The first issue of Batman: The Adventures Continue is just dropping, but fans are getting a major gift with the series debut: Batman: The Animated Series star (and iconic Batman voice) Kevin Conroy is also making a return to the Batman: TAS world! DC has announced that Conroy will be doing a live reading of Batman: The Adventures Continue's first issue, via DC's Instagram on Thursday, April 9th (at the time of writing this).

"As DC revealed in a tweet: The legend returns -- Don't miss @RealKevinConroy reading BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE live on DC's Instagram on 4/9 at 10am PT"

You can get DC full details on the Kevin Conroy live-reading event, via the full announcement, below:

Who better to introduce fans to the world of Batman: The Adventures Continue than the voice of Bruce Wayne (and Batman!) himself! This Thursday, April 9, at 10am PT on DC’s Instagram, Kevin Conroy will dramatically read a chapter from Batman: The Adventures Continue, DC’s new, digital-first comic, written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini. Conroy originated the role of Batman in the Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series, which Burnett and Dini both produced, and has portrayed the Dark Knight more times than any other actor.


Download your digital copy of the first chapter before the event and read along, live, with Kevin Conroy this Thursday! Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter One, written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini with art by Ty Templeton and color by Monica Kubina, featuring a cover by Dave Johnson, is available now. Batman: The Adventures Continue Chapter Two will hit digital platforms on Wednesday April 15.

All episodes of Batman: The Animated Series are currently streaming in remastered HD on DC UNIVERSE, and be on the lookout later this year for a new line of Batman: The Adventures Continue action figures by DC Direct, featuring Deathstroke, Super Armor Batman, Red Hood, Azrael and more, that helped inspire these new stories!