DC Reveals Female Batman Beyond

DC's Batman Beyond #37 examines the aftermath of battling the villain False Face, which ended in [...]

DC's Batman Beyond #37 examines the aftermath of battling the villain False Face, which ended in the hollow victory of False Face inadvertently causing his own death while wearing Terry Mcginnis' face. Thanks to the rule of False Face's abilities, the villain dying while looking like Terry left the real Terry stuck with amnesia, aimlessly wandering the streets of Old Gotham. With Terry out of commission, Gotham City is left without a Batman to defend it, and the city quickly begins to take notice of that fact. However, just when crime tries to spring from the gutters and overrun the streets, a new protector arrives in the form of Batman Beyond's Batwoman!

WARNING - Batman Beyond #37 SPOILERS Follow!

The new Batwoman first made her presence known at the end of the previous issue, as we saw a mysterious female figure infiltrate the Batcave to retrieve Terry's Batman suit. In this latest chapter of Batman Beyond, that mysterious female character takes to the streets as Batwoman - though most of the issue is dedicated to scenes of violent crimes in progress, and Batwoman showing up to thwart them as a sort of shadowy blur. Reporter Jack Ryder chases down the rumors and ultimately stumbles onto a shocking scoop when his camera drone finally captures sight of the vigilante everyone claims is Batman:

Batman Beyond 37 Batwoman Beyond
(Photo: DC Comics)

The big question now is: who is this Batwoman Beyond?

The issue tries to broach that very question, via a hilarious scene in the Batcave where Bruce Wayne and Terry's little brother, Matt, try to speculate on who Batwoman Beyond really is. Both Bruce and Matt are sure that they know who is in the suit, and attempt to blurt out the answer to one another. Only problem is that Bruce says Barbara Gordon, while Matt says Melanie Walker, aka Ten from the Royal Flush Gang.

It seems that the two most obvious answers for women in Terry's life will likely turn out to be red herrings. That brings us back to the question of who Batwoman Beyond is. Clearly it's someone who knew about Terry and Bruce's secret lives as Batmen, and was able to access the Batcave with relative ease, while Bruce Wayne was asleep in the house above. That alone says a lot about this new Batwoman, as well as the tactics she uses: precise, effective, never too brutal (so far), as if trained by Bruce Wayne himself.

...But before this Batwoman Beyond gets unmasked she'll first have to survive, as Blight has returned looking to kill this new bat before she fully gets started.

Batman Beyond #37 is now on sale.