'Batman' Writer Tom King Says the Wedding Story Is Just Getting Started

On Sunday, DC Comics released spoilers about the wedding of Batman and Catwoman in this week's upcoming Batman #50. Now, writer Tom King is letting fans know that the wedding story has only just started despite what's already been revealed.

"Batman 50 is not the end," King wrote. "This is a 100 issue story documenting and celebrating the love of Batman and Catwoman. Whatever happens, whatever anyone says, nothing's going to spoil that."

You can check out King's tweet, complete with art by Lee Weeks, below.

Hitting shelves Wednesday, Batman #50 is set to be a defining moment in the story of Batman with the Dark Knight set to marry his longtime love Catwoman. However, over the weekend The New York Times shared a piece that outlined just how the wedding plays out along with the article's headline giving away the ending entirely. While DC has since explained why they spoiled the events of the issue and The New York times has questioned how they can avoid spoiling similar events in the future many fans reacted negatively to the story having been revealed so early. Many took to social media to criticize while others openly admitted that they would either be cancelling their pre-orders for the issue or skipping it outright.

King himself even tweeted his frustrations about the spoilers but hoped that people would continue to buy the book and from his new tweet today it sounds like there might just be more to Batman #50 than what The New York Times revealed on Sunday. Realistically, that would make quite a bit of sense. Batman #50 is only the halfway point for King's epic 100-issue run on Batman. With so many issues ahead, there's a lot of time to fully explore what the events of Batman #50 mean for relationship and, more broadly, what impact their love story has as on Batman specifically. One of the questions that has been central to the run up to the Batman/Catwoman wedding is whether Bruce Wayne can be happy. It sounds like that, wedding or no wedding, is something fans will have to keep reading to find out.


Batman #50 goes on sale July 4.