'Batman' Writer Comments on Wedding Spoilers

Earlier today, DC Comics released spoilers about the wedding of Batman and Catwoman to the public. Now Tom King, the writer of the milestone Batman #50 issue, has commented on this premature reveal.

SPOILERS for Batman #50 follow.

Taking to Twitter, King commented on the spoilers, expressing a mixture of annoyance and excitement.

"I'm pissed about things and excited about other things," King tweeted. "I have no idea how to comment on anything without spoiling everything.

"Batman 50 is still out Wednesday. I'm incredibly proud of the issue; I hope you pick it up. You have questions; the answers are there."

He attached Jim Lee artwork to his tweet:

Scott Snyder, who wrote Batman prior to King, also chimed in with his own Tweet, saying, "Avoid spoilers if you can, enjoy a story a lot of great people put a lot into."

The spoilers released today reveal that the wedding of Batman and Catwoman wasn't meant to be. Batman #50 show Batman awaiting his bride for an hour atop the Finger Tower in Gotham before accepting that she isn't showing up.

Catwoman explains herself to her beloved in a note. "You're still a child, Bruce. A hurt child," she writes. She fears that marrying Bruce Wayne will finally make him happy and that would be the end of Batman. "How can I do that. To save the world, heroes make sacrifices. My sacrifice is my life. It's you."

Catwoman also notes that Batman "always seemed to need his misery." a point was driven home earlier in King's Batman story by visiting a timeline where Booster Gold saved Bruce Wayne's parents, and so he never became Batman and the world went to hell. The point was lampshaded again in some comments made by the Joker during a fight with Catwoman.

It seems that Catwoman came to the conclusion that to be a hero worthy of Batman's love, she needs to sacrifice her relationship with him so that he can continue to be Batman. The aftermath of this decision will likely be explored in the new Catwoman ongoing series from Batman artist Joelle Jones, the first issue of which also goes on sale the same day as Batman #50, July 4th.

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