Batman Day: Cities Begin to Light Up the Sky With Bat Signals

Batman Day has been a special one as some Batman comics news has dropped alongside all of the tributes to the character. One special surprise has been the many Bat-Signals that have popped up in various locations across the globe. Sides of buildings in numerous major cities now house the Bat-Insignia. The Empire State Building in New York City is also planning to be cloaked in yellow to celebrate the hero.

Matt Reeves actually posted a picture of how the Bat-Signal looked in London, but other photos started rolling in from other locales. DC's official account hopped right up and showed off some very well composed shots of the signal on gigantic buildings. Some of the images even have people cosplaying as their favorite characters like Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon.

In other corners of the Bat-Universe, Kevin Smith had a couple of heartfelt posts about the character on his social media accounts. The director has crossed pats with Batman numerous times. Smith recently wrote part of Detective Comics #1000. Being in showbusiness, he's also had the opportunity to work with and meet many actors and voice actors who have donned the cape and cowl. Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Adam West, Ben Affleck, Diedrich Bader, and Kevin Conroy all stopped for photos at one time or another. An Instagram collage housed many of those encounters today with a nice caption.

"Happy #batman Day! To honor the Caped Crusader's 80 years, here are all the Batmen I've ever snapped selfies beside (including 3 who appear in my new flick #JayAndSilentBobReboot)!," Smith wrote.

Mark Hamil also took some time today to look at his own connections to the character and celebrated his friend Kevin Conroy who plays the Dark Knight opposite him on Batman: The Animated Series. The two have been at opposite sides of the table for decades now and it is always nice to see their dynamic play out on the small screen. There is also the possibility that the two could lock horns again in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" this Winter on The CW.

"It's #BatmanDay2019 🦇- Celebrating 80 years of everyone's favorite rodent-themed masked vigilante. For me, that means it's also @RealKevinConroy Day... my partner in crime, my one & only #CapedCrusader since 1992. #MadLove to you Batsy! #StillJokingAfterAllTheseYears🃏," Hamill wrote.

There were more surprises to come though. Back in May, Batman fans were taken by surprise when DC announced that Tom King, the longtime Batman writer since the Rebirth launch in 2016, would be leaving the title. The upcoming Batman #85 would mark the end of his run on the title. This would cut his proposed 100 issue story arc off well before it's intended conclusion. Today would mark DC's official announcement of who would be taking over the series. James Tynion IV will be the one at the helm of Batman in January.


So, a pretty eventful Batman Day for everyone involved.