Florida Batman Walks Bullied Child to School

Take note: a news story involving a Florida man that is positive for a change. That story involves [...]

Take note: a news story involving a Florida man that is positive for a change. That story involves a Florida "Batman" who showed his heroic side by recently escorting a bullied toddler to school.

As reported by WABI5, Batman impersonator Jack Asbury spotted a post on social media by Crystal River, Florida, resident Erica Calculli, regarding her 3-year-old daughter, Lydia. Lydia was being bullied at school, which Erica had noticed after the toddler began coming home with bruises on her face and even a black eye on one occasion. After being pressed about the issue, Lydia confessed that her schoolmates were hitting her and even throwing objects at her.

After reports to the school didn't result in action, Erica took to social media. Upon reading what was happening, Jack Asbury suited up as Batman, and volunteered to personally walk the little girl to school:

As you can see "Batman" made sure to give Lydia a superhero's escort to school, and even went so far as to be invited into the classroom to give Lydia support, and let it be known that she is down with The Batman. Afterward, Asbury posted the following set of photos and this message, on his official "The Batman of Spring Hill" Facebook Page:

"I made a new friend today. This is Lydia. I was heart broken when I saw her mothers post she was being bullied in school.To the point she didnt want to go. So I reached out and asked if I could walk her to school. Hopefully this will help her over come the fear knowing who has her back💪 Also got her a cool outfit to be my side kick !😉"

It's easy to be cynical about amateur costumed performers, after so many stories of cities like LA or NYC, where the impersonator communities are a bizarre cross between panhandlers and street gangs. It refreshing to see someone who actually understands and respects the power of the symbol he inhabits, and is using it for what it was intended. No point in all of this fascination with superhero culture if we can't take away something noble from it.

Is this the start of a new kind of "Florida Man" trend? One can only hope.

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