Batman Kiss Count Supercut Shows Every Time Bruce Wayne Has Kissed Someone

would pine over if that was an acceptable thing to do...In every single live-action appearance, [...]

batman and ww 2
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Let's face it - we all know that Batman has a way with the ladies. He's tall, dark, mysterious, and has those beady little eyes. He's probably the superhero that most women (including myself) would pine over if that was an acceptable thing to do...

In every single live-action appearance, his counterpart, Bruce Wayne is a serious playboy with all that money, his flashy, fast cars, and that huge mansion where he hosts parties that we all want to go to. Not to mention, he's handsome as hell. A young Michael Keaton, a hunky Christian Bale, and now Ben Affleck? Think of it this way - how many women have you seen Superman with? Just one. How many women have you seen Batman with...we can't even begin to count!

Luckily, someone has cleared this up for us with a supercut video of how many people Bruce Wayne / Batman has kissed. You can watch below:

We can only imagine that this number will keep on climbing with all of the upcoming DCEU movies. Wait...didn't Batfleck technically kiss Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad when he was giving her mouth to mouth? Awkward...