'Batman: The Animated Series' HeroClix Preview

Batman: The Animated Series is finally coming to HeroClix, and ComicBook.com has an exciting batch of previews for you.

Batman: The Animated Series HeroClix feature new HeroClix based on characters and stories from the hit DC Comics animated series as well as several others, including Justice League Unlimited, Batman Beyond, and the Super-Friends.

Today, we have five figure previews, beginning with 01b Clayface, the common prime from the set. You’ll notice the sculpt looks suspiciously like a certain Dark Knight:

01b Clayface

The 45-point Clayface has no keywords, but that’s because of one his traits. Called “Corporate Espionage,” the trait states that “Clayface does not count for or against a theme team.” Another trait is called “Hidden Identity” and reads “Shape Change, but succeeds on 4-6. When Clayface uses it and succeeds, you may give him an identity token. Protected: Outwit.”

Clayface also has an optional trait that costs an additional 5 points that reads, “When Clayface would be KO’d, roll a d6 and add the number of Identity tokens. On a result of 6+, instead of KO’ing Clayface, replace him with $056 Clayface on click #6. Protected: Pulse Wave.” Clayface is also a Wild Card, and his four-click dial comes with Stealth, Smoke Cloud, Toughness, Outwit, Perplex, plus Improved Movement that ignores hindering and elevated terrain.

Next up is Nightwing, a 50-point rare with the Batman Ally team ability and Batman Family, Gotham City, and Martial Artist keywords.

037 Nightwing

Nightwing has one special movement power that he has for the first three clicks of his five-click dial. “Former Boy Wonder” grants him “Leap/Climb, Sidestep. FREE: If Nightwing has two action tokens, make an attack.” His other powers include Flurry, Precision Strike, Incapacitate, Combat Reflexes, Super Senses, and Outwit.

Our third preview is another prime, this time the Super Rare. HARDAC Batman is 75 points with the Batman Family, Gotham City, and Robot keywords as well as the Batman Ally team ability.

053b H.A.R.D.A.C. Batman

HARDAC Batman has Improved Movement: Ignores Hindering Terrain and Elevated Terrain. He has a trait called “Batman’s Knowledge Downloaded to a Robot Body,” which reads, “At the beginning of the game, choose a character named Batman on your sideline and turn that character to a starting click of 75 points or less. FREE: Choose a standard power displayed on that click. HARDAC Batman can use that chosen power until your next turn.”

HARDAC Batman has two special powers. One is a mid-dial STOP click called “I’ve Taken a Life!” that also grants Invulnerability with the rider “When this click is revealed, for the rest of the game, HARDAC Batman can’t be healed. For his first two clicks, HARDAC Batman also has the “I Know All of Your Moves” special damage power that reads, “Shape Change. Probability Control, but only to target a character named Batman or HARDAC Batman.” His six click dial also comes with Indomitable, as well as Sidestep, Charge, Flurry, Super Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness, and Battle Fury.

Next is the first of our two Super-Friends chases, Aquaman. Aquaman is 50 or 30 points and has the Atlantis, Justice League, and Super Friends keywords as well as the dolphin movement symbol.

065 Aquaman

Aquaman has two traits. The first is a version of the TroubAlert trait shared between all of the chases. “Come in, Aquaman!” reads “SIDELINE ACTIVE - Friendly characters have ‘FREE: If this character critical missed this turn or made the third attack this turn to miss all opposing targets, place a character from your Sideline that can use a TroubAlert trait adjacent on its blue starting line.” It also adds “At the beginning of your turn, if Aquaman started the game due to the TroubAlert trait, roll a d6. 4-6: Deal Aquaman 1 unavoidable damage.”

His second trait is “Having to DO Stuff On Land, My Occasional Weakness!” which reads “Characters that aren’t occupying water terrain modify attack +2 when attacking only Aquaman. Characters that aren’t occupying water terrain modify defense +2 when Aquaman attacks them. His last trait is “I’ll Use My Undersea Telepathy,” which grant “POWER: Generate three Average Fish bystanders,” described on his card as having the dolphin symbol, force blast, and a trait that reads “At the end of your turn, KO this character if it's not occupying water terrain.”

Aquaman has an attack special power called “Aquaman, Go Deal With the Watery Crisis Over There,” which reads, “FREE: Generate up to 6 water terrain markers in distinct squares, each adjacent to at least one other, and at least one marker must be adjacent to Aquaman. At the beginning of your next turn, remove the water terrain markers,” as well as “FREE: Generate an Average Fish bystander in a square with a water terrain marker placed by Aquaman.”

Lastly, we have chase Hawkman who also costs 50 or 30 points, has the Justice League and Super Friends keywords and has the shared “TroubAlert” trait. He has a second trait, “People Who Don’t Fly, My Occasional Weakness,” which works similarly to Aquaman’s “Occasional Weakness” trait, but for characters without the wing symbol instead of characters not in water terrain.

074 Hawkman

He also has a special attack power called “Contagious Laughter Via Pun at the End of the Episode,” which grants “POWER: Roll a d6 for each adjacent character. 4-6: Give that character an action token.”

Look for Batman: The Animated Series HeroClix in stores on July 18th. Pre-release events begin July 11th.