Batman TV Stars Adam West And Burt Ward Are Working On A New Project


No matter who takes on the role of the caped crusader in film or TV, there will always be a soft spot for the iconic 60's Batman series with Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) in the lead roles.

The two actors spoke to a packed house at Megacon this year, and towards the end of the Q&A, the duo teased an upcoming project that West said: "will knock your socks off".

"Ward: Would you like to get your thing fried?

West: Well, I have a gag order...However... No no, me and Burt have been working on a new project that's just gonna knock your socks off, and believe me, it's our Batman and Robin!"

No word yet on whether that's a TV show, comic book, or film project, but the host did ask if it was coming in November. While West couldn't answer that, it is safe to say later this year is the target date.

Some other golden nuggets from the Q&A included West's response to "How do you handle differences of opinion on set between actor and director", which West responded to by saying" I just drink".

Ward took a slightly different approach to the question, but if push comes to shove he can hold his own, saying: "We usually don't have differences honestly, because if people understand the whole Batman concept, we all kind of think similarly, however, if we really have a difference of opinion we just fight it out physically that's all.

West: Right, the most times that happens is between Burt and me. See, he's different.

Ward: But you always put your glasses on before we fight and say "you wouldn't hit a person with glasses on" and I say you're right."