Batman v Superman Writer Defends One Controversial Scene of the Film

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice scribe Chris Terrio is stepping up to defend one controversial scene in the film from critics. The writer had a long sit-down interview with Vanity Fair this week to talk about his career and the Snyderverse. But, Terrio had to come back to one moment with Lois Lane in the infamous film. Fans might remember that she was accosted by a warlord with Jimmy Olsen. It feels like an eternity ago, but the powerful man asks why the Daily Planet sent a lady to interview him. Quickly, Lane replies that she's a journalist to kind of check him. Terrio noticed a specific reviewer point to that moment as a sign that he didn't understand Lois Lane. He took offense and actually provided a nice detail that sets the entire scene up quite well. It was the writer's personal homage to journalist Marie Colvin. Check out this wild story down below:

"That's exactly right. The audience has to know that they're in good hands. The minute that you lose them from a story point of view, they lose the desire to look at it generously," Terrio argued. "Once the critics decide a movie is incoherent, it's just a pile-on. Then they attack everything."

He added, "There's a line at the beginning of the film where a warlord says to Lois Lane, 'They didn't tell me the interview was with a lady.' And Lois replies, 'I'm not a lady, I'm a journalist.' So one reviewer held up this line as proof positive of my stupidity and my inability to write Lois, or to write at all."

"Well, the character of Lois in the movie was inspired by the journalist Marie Colvin, who was of course killed in Syria. She was one of the most intrepid journalists who ever lived, in my opinion," the writer revealed. " And there's a story in Vanity Fair, "Marie Colvin's Private War" [by Marie Brenner], and the line that Lois says is almost exactly the line that was in that article, where a Chechen warlord said he wouldn't shake her hand because she was a woman."

"Marie Colvin replied, 'There is no woman in this room, only a journalist.' So that line was my tribute to her. But then in the pile-on, a line like that is held as proof positive that I don't understand either women or journalists or human beings, and that I'm a shitty writer." Terrio concluded.


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