Zack Snyder Breaks Down the Secrets of Batman v Superman's Knightmare Sequence

There was one point when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was supposed to serve as a large springboard into the world of the DC Extended Universe. Largely thanks in part to the movie's Knightmare sequence, a fair share of out-of-the-box concepts were introduced that, at some point, were likely supposed to be expanded upon in subsequent movies. During a Dawn of Justice rewatch party Sunday morning, filmmaker Zack Snyder revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets about the scene in question, confirming Darkseif had taken over Earth and was working with Superman to flood Batman out of the woodwork.

The scene kicks off when Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) falls asleep while decrypting some of Lex Luthor's (Jesse Eisenberg) files. As Snyder explains during the live stream, "I guess it's boring for him waiting for it to decrypt so he fell asleep, maybe or I'm not sure. Maybe it's a by-product of Flash cracking on the cosmic treadmill or whether it creates some sort of rift where it allows Batman to see into the future. It could be a combo of those things."

Those watching the movie then see a version of Earth that has been seized by the villainous Darkseid as his legions of parademons swarm the world. "We have a convoy that's just returned from some sort of mission, where they've captured something. We have a big omega symbol etched into the Earth out there, which is Darkseid's logo," continues Snyder. "There's a culture here where Batman's running the show and defending what's below us."

He adds, "This is the lake and below us is what is the Batcave to use to turn into their [the resistance] headquarters. They've stolen this thing from the old LexCorp which is a piece of kryptonite but no, it's a trap — it's a green light. Then you see, these are the Superman Stormtroopers that have set the trap for Batman because Batman's the guy Superman is looking for, more than anybody."

Snyder is sure the two different kinds of parademons used in the movie before confirming Darkseid and Superman had been working together. "Not all of humanity have been turned into parademons, some are used to infiltrate the human resistance on Earth," Snyder concludes. "Superman, at this point, has probably succumbed to the Anti-Life Equation and serves the will of Darkseid and he's also looking for Batman whom he blames for the death of Lois Lane in this alternate world."


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