New Batwoman Photos Give First Look at Love Interest for Kate Kane

On Batwoman, Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) romantic life isn't exactly in a good place. After returning to Gotham City after an extended absence, Kate discovers that her ex-girlfriend Sophie (Meagan Tandy) is married and has made it clear that she's moved on. Given the complexity of their relationship, as it was why Kate was kicked out of the military academy, that seems like it would be a difficult situation. However, thanks to new photos released by The CW (via Entertainment Weekly) it looks like Kate is ready to move on. Gotham's new heroine is getting a new girlfriend in upcoming episodes.

Kate's new love interest will be played by The Passage star Brianne Howey. Named Reagan, the character will make her debut in Sunday's upcoming third episode, "Down Down Down", and will begin dating Kate in Episode 4, "Who Are you?" According to EW, Reagan is introduced as a bartender at Tommy Elliot's (Gabriel Mann) party in "Down Down Down" and fans can expect that Kate's life will be a bit complicated with this new love interest.

(Photo: The CW/Entertainment Weeky)

"We can expect to see Kate's story get complicated by her," showrunner Caroline Dries said. "Kate realizes that Sophie's got stuff to figure out emotionally and personally, and she's not about to be a homewrecker. So, she is just keeping her options open like anyone might [and] meets Reagan at this big penthouse housewarming party in Gotham."

Fans can expect that Sophie might end up feeling a little jealous of Kate's new relationship and while Kate and Sophie's' relationship is meant to be the "potent love story of the season", Dries explained it was important to have Kate explore another romantic relationship as any character would -- especially since Kate's sexual orientation is so central to her character.

(Photo: The CW/Entertainment Weekly)

"When we had a character who was so defined by her sexual orientation, just naturally by the press and what makes her unique, it was important for me that was a major part of the show and that we're not shying away from it," Dries explained. "On a macro level, we just want Kate to be in a romantic situation. Then on a story level, Kate has now by this time embraced her identity as Batwoman and has kind of committed to being the city's new hero, and she wants it to be easier than it is and realizes very quickly, 'Yeah, now I see why Bruce Wayne never had a long-term girlfriend and never got married.'"

You can check out the synopsis for "Down Down Down" below.

"GOODBYE TO THE BAT - As the city waits impatiently for another visit from who they think is Batman, Alice (Rachel Skarsten) continues to taunt Kate (Ruby Rose) with a secret but also sets her sights on Jacob (Dougray Scott) and Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis). Kate is visited by Tommy Elliot (guest star Gabriel Mann), a childhood friend of her cousin who has finally realized his lifelong dream of being wealthier than Bruce Wayne and throws a party so all of Gotham can celebrate his success.

Mary (Nicole Kang) gets an unexpected new bestie when Sophie (Meagan Tandy) is assigned to protect her. Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Kate work together to uncover who may have taken a valuable weapon from Batman’s arsenal. And as Batwoman faces a new enemy, Kate realizes she must either walk away from her new role or fully embrace the mantle as Gotham’s new hope.


Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Holly Henderson and Don Whitehead."

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. "Down Down Down" airs on October 20th.