Batwoman: Kate's Wig Won't Appear Until Episode 3

When it comes to Kate Kane's Batwoman suit it's not just her armor or her cape or even her cowl that really stands out. It's her hair, the bright shock of red hair that helps very visually differentiate the heroine from Gotham's other caped vigilante, Batman. But it isn't just the color that's notable. Even in comics, Batwoman's fiery hair is a wig that she puts on as part of the uniform and when Batwoman hits The CW this fall, the heroine will have a wig there, too. Fans just won't see it right away.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday, series executive producer Caroline Dries explained that while Ruby Rose's titular heroine will get her iconic wig, it won't show up for a few episodes.

"That's gonna come up in Episode 3, when she really embraces her role as Batwoman," Dries explained. "She puts on that suit -- as we can see in the pilot -- because she's trying to scare her enemy. She's not necessarily trying to become Batwoman; she's just trying to disguise her identity and be a fearful opponent to her nemesis...It's an origin story, so it's a gradual realization to 'Oh, actually I'm gonna keep my own identity."

Fans of the Arrowverse have already seen some version of Batwoman's wig in action before. Batwoman made her debut last fall during the "Elseworlds" crossover, complete with her flame-hued wig and Batwoman suit. However, when Batwoman premieres, we'll be going back just a bit in the character's history and picking up on the origin story. As we saw in the first look trailer released in May, Kate won't initially have her own suit. Instead, she will come across her cousin Bruce Wayne's secret -- that he was Batman -- and adopt his suit initially, with modifications for a woman, of course.

While Batwoman's wig may take a few episodes to appear in the series, another important part of the story will debut a bit earlier. It was also revealed on Sunday that Tommy Elliot, the man who goes on to become the villainous Hush, will make his Batwoman debut in the second episode, thus giving the series plenty of time to develop Tommy's backstory and give fans a chance to watch Hush come to life over the course of the season.


Batwoman will premiere Sunday, October 6th at 8/7c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.