Batwoman Trailer Hit by Comment Bombing, Downvoting on Youtube

The latest expansion of The CW's growing Arrowverse got the spotlight last week with the first full trailer released for Batwoman, premiering later this year. The show is set to premiere on the network this fall, and Kate Kane will likely play a major role in the upcoming crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths." And while top brass at The CW might be impressed so far, picking up the pilot for a full series order, a lot of people on YouTube are not very happy with the new series.

Commenters on YouTube are downvoting the first trailer en masse, angry that the show seems to be insulting straight white males. At press time, the trailer has 3.8 million views, over 64,000 Likes to 241,000 Dislikes, and over 66,000 comments. Many of the comments mention similar gripes, whether it's the line where actress Ruby Rose says she doesn't want Batman to get the credit for her work, to the part where she alters his costume to make it "perfect."

A lot of the anger generated here echoes the same talking points in many YouTube videos about Captain Marvel and Brie Larson. Of course, if that's a barometer of success, Batwoman fans should not be worried. Many videos were dedicated to Captain Marvel's failure and Larson's hate toward white men, all of which were fabricated and blown out of proportion.

Captain Marvel made over $1 billion at the box office and Larson is positioned at the forefront of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. With Arrow being cancelled at Gotham City finally coming into The CW fold, Batwoman could share the spotlight with The Flash in the future of the franchise.

Of course, the show's failure or success cannot be determined at this point since Batwoman has yet to air. But Rose is confident that the show will fit into the Arrowverse seamlessly.


"The pilot, we did an extraordinary thing," Rose explained. "When it comes to shows like this and you want something that could potentially be otherworldly or in the superhero land, you can risk not being particularly grounded. And I think when you have Gotham and when you have Kate Kane, she doesn't have super powers, it is a grounded show... For us, in the pilot, what I found extraordinary was how much we're going into the relationships and the characters."

Batwoman is currently set to premiere on The CW later this fall, but a specific date for the premiere has yet to be announced.