Batwoman Trailer Reveals First Look at Red Alice

The first trailer for The CW's Batwoman has officially been released, and it provided a pretty [...]

The first trailer for The CW's Batwoman has officially been released, and it provided a pretty terrifying look at the show's foe. The trailer, which was released during the network's Upfronts presentation, features a surprise appearance from Red Alice (Rachel Skarsten), which you can check out a screenshot of below.

batwoman red alice 1
(Photo: The CW)
batwoman red alice 2
(Photo: The CW)

In the comics, Alice and Red Alice are codenames used by Elizabeth Kane, the presumed-dead twin sister of Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose). Early on in Kate's life, Elizabeth and her mother are presumed dead after a terrorist kidnapping gone wrong. Years later, as Kate is working as Batwoman, she crosses paths with Elizabeth, who has since become one of the criminal leaders within Gotham City. Elizabeth, now mentally broken after the trauma of her youth, molds herself after Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and ends up being a pretty formidable foe for Kate.

The synopsis for the series teases that Kate "uses everything in her power to combat the dark machinations of the psychotic Alice (Rachel Skarsten), who's always somewhere slipping between sane and insane," so it will be interesting to see if and how the TV adaptation remixes things.

Batwoman will follow Kate in her journey as an openly-lesbian crime fighter, who aims to keep Gotham safe while dealing with her own demons.

"She is more fun because she's a billionaire, she has ladies that love her," Rose said in an interview last year. "I think, for the most part, crossover-wise, she's swaggy. She always knew who she was, but she's really coming into knowing who she is in the crossover, and with Batwoman as well. It's not the first time she's put on the suit."

"The fact that she is an outwardly gay superhero, which is something growing up I would've loved to have seen on my TV, was a big deciding factor as to why I was so passionate about the role," Rose continued. "This [role] just meant a lot more to me because I could relate in so many ways and, at the same time, felt like this was a job that would give me a purpose every day coming into work beyond just getting to live my dream, which is acting, and would be far more rewarding than anything I've done in the past."

Skarsten is no stranger to the DC TV world, previously playing a Dinah Lance on the 2002 Birds of Prey series. While her iteration of Dinah differed a bit from the comic iteration of Black Canary, Skarsten's performance has become pretty beloved by fans. Her filmography also includes Reign, Lost Girl, and Imposters.

The cast of Batwoman also includes Meagan Tandy as Sophie Moore, Camrus Johnson as Luke Fox, Dougray Scott as Colonel Jacob Kane, Elizabeth Anweis as Catherine Hamilton-Kane, and Nicole Kangas Mary Hamilton.

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Batwoman will debut on Sundays at 8/7c this fall on The CW.