Black Adam Producer Speaks Out on Possible Connection to DC Multiverse

The live-action universe of DC is going to open up into a multiverse next year when The Flash hits theaters. In addition to meaning that we get to see Michael Keaton's Batman again, introducing a multiverse also creates a ton of opportunities for movies and characters throughout the franchise. This includes Black Adam, the passion project from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that sees the former WWE Superstar take on the powers of an Egyption god. While the movie itself won't deal directly with the DC Multiverse, it won't go out of its way to pretend that it doesn't exist.

Black Adam producer Hiram Garcia recently spoke to TheWrap about the highly-anticipated DC film and its overall place in the on-screen DC franchise. Black Adam seems to be fairly standalone in nature, but the looming effects of other films aren't that far off, and the creative team is being careful not to shut any potential doors that the multiverse might open.

"I don't know if we're going to address [the multiverse], but everything in that DC universe we like to think of is connected somehow," Garcia explained. "And so the multiverse exists around our characters as well in our world. Not that you're necessarily going to feel that in our movie, but it is very much a thing, right? We know that there's going to be some other multiverse factors in there that we know exist. It's just a matter of when we start to play with it or lean into it, but we're excited for that Flash movie. Our friends are making it, we know how big and ambitious that movie is and the vision DC has for it. We're very supportive of it. Andy Muschietti is such a brilliant director. You couldn't have picked a better guy to do that movie. We're excited to see it as well. But I do think anytime you're dealing with any DC movie, fans can always assume that there's multiverse factors, whether you see it or not, that exist around it."

Even if this first Black Adam movie doesn't deal with a ton of other DC characters or storylines, it will have its own impact on the franchise moving forward. Black Adam is an incredibly powerful character, potentially as powerful as Superman. His existence creates plenty of different scenarios for future movies.

"The truth is, there's a reason why we say that when Black Adam comes into the DC universe, the hierarchy of power is going to change," said Garcia. "And there's very few established figures who would be able to go toe to toe with Black Adam. I think as established right now in the DC cinematic universe, you look at Wonder Woman and at Superman as two characters that would have a shot, maybe if they work together, because's Black Adam, right?"

Black Adam arrives in theaters on July 29, 2022.